Hot Drinks, Tea And Coffee, But Not Alone

The coffee is certainly among the most popular beverage, because it is drunk fastly, it will be for energy or for giving its intense flavor in its many varieties, which nobody ever wants to give up coffee break.
Taken at the bar or home-made, always buy a different flavor and detail and are so many flavorings products that everyone can certainly find that you like.

If the flavor of an espresso in a minute in a bar perhaps with a small snack enough to give us strength and energy to resume work, at home after a meal drink is drinks with some 'more calm and we appreciate and study even more so the aftertaste.

For those who do not like the strong and genuine taste of this beverage the choice for a pause remains wide.
There are really many varieties of hot drinks where the same coffee with milk to go to create sweet and tasty drinks from the simple and best known white coffe until new "mokaccino" and "Marocchino".
Besides coffee remains high at the pleasure of another common and popular beverage, the tea.
The infused with a thousand flavors are now in all bar commonly, variations from fruit to black tea and green tea. The hot beverage among the most popular is always in the middle afternoon break in a cold winter but many of us appreciate it in the morning for a healthy breakfast.

Tea and coffee, increasingly accompanied by light snacks, cookies and brioches, are the protagonists at home as the bar and become even in the workplace. Indeed, thanks to the presence of vending machines at work, hot drinks such as chocolate, milk, chamomile well as the many variants of tea and coffee are available for all, ready in few minutes, hot and steaming, are increasingly being consumed in corridors, between meetings.

It is never surrender to a hot drink and a quick snack for a break or to meet an old friend every opportunity is good for the so-called coffee break!

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