How Coffee Maker Reviews Can Leave You Confused And Frustrated!

If you're in the market for a coffee maker and have been scanning the various coffee maker reviews available both on and offline, then by now, you must be a walking bundle of confusion!

Coffee is such a diversified and hotly debated subject that trying to analyse the various reviews will more than likely give you grey hairs... and if you already have grey hair, then it's probably turned snow white!

Problem is, what one person thinks is great doesn't mean everyone is of the same opinion; that's what is so fascinating about the human race. As far as coffee maker reviews are concerned, the best way to decide which machine is best for you is to iron out exactly what you need in a unit.

Do You Want Speed Or Features?

If you are a serious connosseur of of the black stuff then you'll more than likely go for an espresso machine with all the "bells and whistles." And there are plenty to choose from. Look for features such as programmable timer, pause and serve, auto shut-off, temperature hot plate which is adjustable, brew strength control, frothing pitcher and thermometer, LCD display, automatic bean grinder and more!

How much do you want to pay? A machine with all the features could set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Gaggia and Saeco models have had some excellent reviews but they've also had their detractors.

Single Cup Coffee Maker

If you are a light drinker then a single cup maker may be your preference. The Phillips Senseo has rated highly along with Melitta's one cup maker and for under a hundred dollars, both are worth a look.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

It's amazing but with all the technology available nowadays, seasoned automatic drip owners stand by their machines. While you'll get an argument or two, there is one constant with drip machines; if they are worked right, the taste is hard to beat. And the best part, they deliver a brew in reasonably quick time! These machines are very affordable and for under a hundred dollars, will generally provide long standing loyal service.

Stainless Steel Percolators

Some of you are "cringing" at the moment but here is my personal preference... the stainless steel percolator. This stove top maker has probably been lost in most coffee maker review discussions. Technology has seen to that. I grew up drinking percolated coffee.

Watching it slowly work to a steamy crescendo and then taking in the magnificent aroma of the coffee as it filtered through the entire house is a memory which will live with me forever. Okay, I'm easily pleased but I bet I'm not the only percolated coffee fan out there! Come on guys, don't be shy!

So there you have this author's version of a coffee maker review. Has it been of help? Possibly but remember, coffee is such a personal taste experience. In the final analysis, choose a machine which will suit your needs and don't base your decision purely on what someone else recommends. At worst, at least shop around.

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