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Things have certainly changed regarding coffee today. Gone are the simple cups at the local diner. Now, coffee is high tech and high design. Try the local coffee shop and the variety available is amazing, and the star among them is expresso. Everyone seems to love the unique combination of strong coffee with the silky smooth cream blended in. Add to that the wonderful flavored syrups that can be added and you know what they are talking about when they talk about designer coffee drinks. If you feel like one of these specialty coffees, you sure don't have to go out of your way anymore to get one. Every decent coffee shop or coffee bar now can give you exactly what you want. In fact, coffee bars are becoming all the rage and people are spending a fortune on coffee nowadays.

Do you ever think about how much you are spending on coffee? Most of the fancy lattes now cost about $4 a cup. Even if you only have one a day on the way to work, that $20 per week! You can still enjoy your latte and save the money if you invest in an expresso machine and make your own expresso at home.

This sounds like the perfect solution for the expresso nut who also wants to save some money. The added benefit is that you can have it before you leave the house, instead of waiting until you are on your way to work. All of the supplies for the perfect expresso are available at any gourmet shop. Freshly roasted coffee, flavorful syrups, milk or cream, and you are on your way. It's an easy habit to get into. Just think about that nice cup of latte before you even take a shower or get dressed. Relax with a cup in your own kitchen instead of having to get in the car and drive before you have had a chance for the expresso to wake you up. Saving on commercial expresso day after day, and you will realize that you can pay for the expresso machine in a short while. Once you have decided to make this investment and save money in the long run, all you have to do is start to compare prices. You can find good expresso machines at any department or appliance store, but you might find more bargains on the Internet, and you can shop around a lot more easily. Get yourself a nice latte and go on line to get your expresso machine .

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