Interesting facts about supermarket coffee

In the supermarket you have alot of choices. It is fair to say that there are thousands of companies in the coffee industry. So, how do you decide which is right for you? Do you start at the supermarket and buy every single brand of coffee on the shelf? Well, before you do that let me clue you in on the freshness of supermarket coffee.

Typically, after the coffee completes the roasting process it sits in a warehouse for about two weeks. Then the coffee is loaded on a truck and transported to a distribution center where it sits from about 48 hours to a week depending on which supermarket chain wants it the most if at all, and then it is shipped again to another distribution center owned by your favorite supermarket where again it sits until your store orders it. It then gets transported once again to your supermarket where it sits until you buy it. If the coffee is a number one seller like Folgers it sits for no more then a week, but if it is an uncommon name brand it may sit for months. How is that for freshness? YUK!!!! As my kids would say! The real catch is that the comsumer believes that they are buying a full one pound bag of coffee, but read the fine print. Almost every company sells their coffee in 12 oz bags shorting you 4 oz. This is done for less expense on shipping a truck load of coffee.

How does Java Jakes Gourmet Coffee Co do it?

We roast your coffee and ship your coffee all on the same day. You receive your 16 oz (1lbs or more depending on your order) of coffee in 2 to 4 days. Here is the catch. We charge $5.95 to ship your coffee. If you order 1 lbs or 2 tons your shipping cost is $5.95. Also any order over $50.00 qualifies for FREE shipping! Do you have your net ready? That is the only catch. We use "UPS" as our shipping solution. After you try just one cup of Java Jakes Coffee you will come back, because there is no substitute for great coffee!

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