Is Coffee Bad For Your Health?

Drinking coffee is a must for many people. People who are devout coffee lovers often grab a cup of coffee (or two) before they do anything else in the morning. Coffee is laden with caffeine, unless you drink the decaffeinated varieties, and could be loaded with sugar and fat as well. Depending on how you like your daily cup of java, you could be putting your health at risk. Coffee may not be the healthiest beverage you could put into your body. In fact, when you think that over 400 million cups of this tasty beverage is served up everyday, you have to wonder if something so great could be good for your health. The answer is probably not and here is why.

Enjoying coffee in moderation: The key to anything is moderation and that certainly goes for your favorite cup of coffee, too. Whether you like it black, or smooth and creamy with all the bells and whistles, coffee is not going to hurt you in moderation. That means that one cup of coffee a day should do it and anything over that is excess. However, you certainly will not convince hard and heavy coffee drinks to give up their cup. It is comparable to smokingâ€"people get addicted to the coffee and feel that they need that stimulant to keep them going. If you are concerned about your health and your daily coffee intake, then you should take measures to decrease your consumption and try to drink your coffee in moderation.

Caffeine is the key for many: There are many reasons why coffee may not be the best thing for your health, but mostly the reason is because if the excess amounts of caffeine that you will find in coffee. Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee and is certainly a stimulant to your body. Too much caffeine can have a bad effect on your health. It can raise your blood pressure, increase your heart rate and may actually produce an irregular heartbeat. If you are healthy, then this may not be a major concern for you, however if you are in poor health or are already experience high blood pressure, then caffeine should be something you avoid. It is however, unfortunate that caffeine is the hook for coffee and that is what keeps most people coming back fro more.

As far as your health goes, coffee may also affect the amount of calcium that women take into their diets. Think about it this way, if you reach for a cup of coffee every morning and decline the daily glass of milk, then you are robbing your body of calcium, which fights off osteoporosis as your age.

Try different varieties: So, what if you simply cannot give up those daily cups of coffee each day? Do you have to give it up altogether? The answer is no. You can certainly decrease your caffeine intake and drink decaf varieties. Also, add in healthy "stuff" to your coffee, such as milk. If you are a woman, then don’t forget that you need the calcium. Supplement your diet with a good calcium chew.

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