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Coffee is a almost a food group to most people. It gets us going in the morning, keeps us going in the afternoon, and tastes good after a fine meal.

But coffee is no longer just "coffee".. there are so many options now. Have you ever gone to a specialty coffee shop?.. It can be more complicated that getting a takeout burger! Non fat, low fat, espresso, double espresso, cappuccino, latte, low fat latte, chocolate latte.. and the list goes on, as you can add toppings.

This of course does not help the waistline any, but man it taste good. If you are unsure of what the basics are of specialty coffees, here is a quick breakdown.

Latte: dark roast coffee made with milk

Cappuccino: dark roast coffee made with steamed milk and milk foam on top

Espresso: caffeine jolt!.. concentrated dark roast espresso coffee.

Each one of the above can be altered with different roasts. So now you have to pick your roast, what type of milk or milk foam, and toppings of course!

You can make these at home, there are many machines on the market now, that will help you create your perfect cup of coffee, what ever form that is. No longer are we dependent on that old coffee percolator our parents or grandparents had, that was hauled out for Sunday breakfast!

With this new surge of coffee and coffee stores out there, there are coffee artists that will make your coffee look to good to drink. Check out the free video clip of a "Latte Artist" and you could get some ideas for impressing your friends with your new found coffee talents!

Who ever thought there would be such a thing as a coffee artist?

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