Make Your Own Gourmet Coffee At Home

Have you heard of gourmet coffee being readily available in the local market place? What exactly is gourmet coffee anyway? Gourmet coffee is an ordinary coffee with added flavors that actually enrich its coffee aroma and taste. Plainly speaking, gourmet coffee is a mix of certain flavors with a high quality coffee. You can make this right at home provided you have the ingredients. If you are serious about making your own gourmet coffee first carry out a little research on what ingredients to use, and how and when they should be mixed. You can get this information from the internet or right off the label of gourmet coffee packets you find in your favorite grocery store or coffee house.

Once you have an idea of what you need, gather the necessary ingredients, i.e. syrups for flavoring such as Crème de Banana, Almond Liquor, Black Currant, Vanilla, Chocolate, Hazelnut, etc. A few drops of these syrups and your regular cup of coffee becomes WOW - something unimaginably special. This is why most people who have tried gourmet coffee could never go back to the ordinary cup of java.

There are other simpler ways to enrich your mug of morning elixir. How about adding a bean of vanilla while grinding your regular quota of coffee beans? Try adding a tiny stick of cinnamon or chocolate powder or a little Irish Crème or a few drops of citrus essence and see the metamorphosis take place.

Some gourmet coffees can be mixed when they are ground while others are mixed while brewing. Know that some of the flavored syrups contain preservatives which means your coffee mix will remain safe in air tight jars for a few months. Others do not contain preservatives and will need to be used immediately

The great thing about making your own personal gourmet coffee is that you can experiment with flavors - you can work out your own ideas and combinations and create your own very special brew. There are a great many people who have stumbled on to excellent blends of flavors and now produce their own personal favorites. You could also try mixing two or more gourmet coffee blends together and see what comes out. How about having chocolate flavoring mixed with hazelnut? Or the mint with the vanilla - try, try and try. You will definitely find some tasty combinations you and your guests will love!

Some people store the coffee in the refrigerator and find that this helps in keeping the aroma fresh for a long time. Others store it unmixed in airtight jars and have it blended with their favorite flavors during brewing. Whatever your preference, you're sure to have a lot of fun while working out your own unique gourmet coffee blends.

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