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Whole Foods Markets is proud to announce it is selling Mission Grounds Coffee in all its Georgia stores to help homeless Children. All the proceeds from the coffee sales will go to support homeless children in Atlanta. Mission Grounds is also annoucing a new organic coffee to meet the demands of Whole Foods Market customers.

All of the proceeds will help homeless children in Atlanta areas. The organic gourmet coffee will be sold in a French roast and a Signature roast. By the end of June customers will be able to find the rich coffee in all Georgia stores.

Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is a non profit organization, a 501 C Corporation,dedicated to helping children. Our main focus is to help orphans and children in need; impoverished children in third world countries and homeless children in inner city neighborhoods in the United States.

Mission Grounds is currently helping children in the US, China, Russia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Kenya and Venezuela. We provide support in many ways; from food to shelter and clothing. We also provide monthly support in Africa, Russia, Costa Rica, China and Venezuela.

We are currently engaged in two large construction projects which include building a school in China and an orphanage in Venezuela. Both projects should be completed by Spring 2008. Plans are also under way to build another school in China and another orphanage in Venezuela for 2008. We are also looking at construction projects in Nigeria and in Sudan.

In Atlanta, Mission Grounds is working with a homeless shelter for children, Jars of Clay Outreach. We have contributed new appliances for the shelter’s kitchen, provided craft materials for after school fun and supplied book bags which included school supplies and children’s books.

Through our monthly newsletter, we have found 2 groups of adults who are donating their time. They read to the children, help them with their homework and provide them with the attention they need. We are also working with children’s groups in Buffalo and in New Orleans providing books, book bags and other school supplies.

Mission Grounds receives its money to operate from donations and from the sale of coffee. We hope to expand our mission of helping children in other cities such as Pittsburgh and Charlotte.
Mission Grounds Helps Children

Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is the finest Tarrazu gourmet coffee coming out of Costa Rica. Tarrazu is considered the best Costa Rican coffee and comes in five grades of quality. The best grade of coffee grows on top of the mountain; at the slowest growth rate – ensuring a rich flavorful taste without any of the normal
bitterness or aftertaste you normally associate with fine coffees.

We only sell the highest level of coffee; unfortunately there is not enough of it grown on the mountain peak to meet the needs of the large retail chains; who must buy the level 2 or level 3 coffees to get enough quantity. Mission Grounds is one of the only places to buy this highest level of the Best Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee.

Mission Grounds is currently located in 125 Kroger Grocery stores in Atlanta,
Cumming, Buckhead, Sandy Springs,Roswell, Alpharetta, Norcross, Dunwoody and Duluth, Georgia. We are also expanding soon into the Acworth and Woodstock locations.

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