Peruvian Coffee is Great Smelling and Tasting

A Few Facts About The Best Organic Coffee In The World, The Organic Peruvian Coffee

The popularity of the organic Peruvian coffee has put Peru on the world map. Many people would not have heard much about this tiny country which is located in South America squeezed between Ecuador and Chile without the intervention of their coffee, which is today considered to be the best.

What Makes The Organic Peruvian Coffee The Best?

There are two things that contribute to the amazing and unparalleled taste of organic Peruvian coffee - one, it is organically grown since 1700 AD and the technique that the farmers use has been handed over by word of mouth from generation to generation; and two, there is no interference yet from modern technology on any of the 110 thousand coffee farms in Peru. The combined effect of these two factors is that the organic Peruvian coffee has a remarkable taste the richness of which no one has yet been able to copy.

The farms where the coffee is grown are small, about 2-3 acres each where the farmers work hard to uphold the amazing quality of the crop using exclusively indigenous methods. Each farm is equipped with a micro-wet milling system which is yet another effort to keep Peru free form any type of chemical pollution.

The coffee crop is cultivated in between trees so it is shielded completely from the sun. The organic Peruvian coffee is grown completely in shade. The beans are picked over a period of five months, i.e. May to September by hand. The next step, pulping, is also done by hand after which the beans are stored in huge fermentation tanks which helps in cleaning them. Lastly, the coffee beans are transported to the market where about 80 percent is exported.

Though the organic Peruvian coffee is considered to be the best money could buy and is in high demand all over the world, the farmers who grow this coffee were until recent past still struggling for their sustenance because they were unorganized and incapable to protect their rights or have a say in the price of the coffee they sold.

Today, assisted by cooperatives the Peruvian farmers are poised to become the second largest supplier of organic coffee in the world. The Cooperative and Fair Trade networks have empowered the farmers to receive what is rightfully theirs, i.e. recognition for producing the best coffee in the world and the price due to such quality crop.

Next time you are in the super market look up organic Peruvian coffee and check it out. It is said that once you taste this coffee, you would never be able to enjoy any other type of coffee. Are you willing to take up this challenge?

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