Specialty Coffee With a Regional Flare

It was during the 1930s that physicists began discovering a slew of exotic atomic particles from kaons and muaons among other strangely termed discoveries. When informed, Enrico Fermi proclaimed that he would have become a botanist if he wanted to remember all of that yet, interestingly, this famous physicist later invented the process that was used in atomic bombs.

This is how I feel about coffee, actually. It may bring about a sense of romance and be a delicious treat, but there are so many names to remember!

For instance, there is the simple yet elegant Frappe consumed largely in Latin America and Europe. This tasty cold espresso is made with two teaspoons of milk and sugar along with crushed ice. For a variation in this recipe, add a quarter cup of crme de cacao and brandy.

The Cappuccino Borgia is the counterpart to the Frappe. This delicious creation consists of one quarter-cup orange (peeled) and one and a half cup of chocolate flavored ice cream. Take espressos to a whole new level by also adding six tablespoons of orange juice and a quarter-cup milk. You may find yourself speaking fifteenth century Italian with that one!

Head back to the twenty-first century Caribbean style with a Calypso Cooler. Add a couple bananas and two cups of coffee-flavored ice cream to a cup of extra strength, chilled coffee to whip up this delicious drink, but add a few tablespoons of rum and you may lose track of your luggage.

While on the subject of adding alcohol to coffee, we cannot forget about the Latin drink of Caffee Zabaglione which all starts with a quarter cup each of dry Marsala and sugar. Then, add in four egg yolks and a pinch of salt, wish and cook until thick. Include in the mix a cup of Italian roast at room temperature and you have made not only a beverage but also breakfast and a hangover cure.

Traditional Turkish coffee is known for its strong, dark flavor cut with cardamom, but the Scandinavians have also learned to put this ancient spice to use in the specialty drink Cardamom Kaffee. Mix an eighth-cup of cognac with two teaspoons curaco, one teaspoon sugar and a cracked and seeded cardamom pod. Microwave the mixture for approximately ten seconds, light with a match and pour on about a half-cup of extra strength coffee for a marvelous coffee treat.

Despite the many names, you must give credit to those inspiring such creativity when it comes to these fascinating coffee mixtures. They may not be inventors of giant atomic bombs, but they have certainly made a mark in the coffee world!

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