Tea And Coffee In The Summer And In The Winter But Not Only

If during the winter we choose substantial foods, cooked, processed, and we drink water as well as beverages such as wine or beer and then close the meal with a good coffee, during the summer months the food becomes in addition to fish a fast and rich salad of fresh vegetables.

The hot refers feel like to thirst-quenching drinks including never lachs the famous coca-cola, but many prefer more natural drinks and that is why tea is greatly appreciated, drinked cold, maybe with ice and lemon and its many variantions flavours from peach tea, to green tea until to arrive to the most refined infusions to blueberry or tropical fruits, also appreciated hot, as tasty teas. The iced tea in its many flavors, is ready now marketed by almost all major distributors of mineral water, but it is equally easy to prepare at home with ready mixtures, instantly soluble.

If the time for coffee break never fails, as in winter and in the summer, if it remains the habit of drinking it at the end of meal or during the day for a charging moment more, in recent years were born many tasty variations making it protagonist ingredient and allow a sweet break at any time of day. So is the simple cold coffee or coffee granita until so-called "Moroccan" where cold or hot coffee combined with milk and chocolate are discovering new tastes playing the combination of hot and cold.

These new drinks approach to coffe also who prefer other and in this way they will rediscover the aroma and flavour.
Wine or beer are always appreciated and if it is usual a food with a suitable wine, the beer is often chosen in the quality that likes best.
When we have dinning with friends, pizza and beer or coca-cola, during holidays such as during a working dinner, is always valid.
Many are then drinks accompanying the hours of our day, perhaps starting with a coffee in the morning and we end with a hot herbal tea in the evening. Every time of day finds its taste with a different drink, hot and delicate or cold and pungent, the choice is for everyone and everyone can find the right flavor to quell his thirst.

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