The Amazing Weight Loss Properties Of Coffee

Get ready for some startling news! This will astound you! We have tended to think of caffeine in rather limited terms, while it’s medicinal properties have gone unrecognized and under appreciated. The purpose of this report is to expel the myths and expound on the facts. Some of these finding are no less than amazing.

Weight loss

There are four ways to lose weight, not two. When people are confronted by the singular choices of eating fewer calories or exercising more, the decision for most is neither. Such options are too intrusive into a style that they have become accustomed to over many years, or even decades. There are, in fact, four ways to lose weight:

2)Eat fewer calories
3)Boost metabolic rate which raises core temperature and causes more calories to be burned (thermogensis)
4)Promote fat burning (lipolysis)

Now, what if there were a substance that was both thermogenic and lipolytic? And what if this substance also triggered the release of a hormone that signaled the brain to shut down the eating process? One might consider this a miracle substance; or one so rare and expensive as to be out of the reach of those most in need. Well, this miracle substance is probably in your cupboard right now: It’s coffee.

Caffeine plays a key role in weight management and weight reduction. Caffeine stimulates the release of CCK, an appetite suppressant hormone. CCK delays the onset of hunger and promotes a feeling of fullness. Caffeine mildly increases core body temperature (thermogensis) causing more calories to be burned during the day. Caffeine also promotes lipolysis – which promotes fat burning. When dieting, thermogensis often declines. Caffeine reverses this.

In fact, just three regular cups a coffee a day will result in the burning of 100 to 150 calories a day. And that translates to a loss of ten to fifteen pounds per year. To maximize the benefit, consume one medium cup of coffee fifteen minutes before eating.

Sources And Dosages Of Caffeine

Caffeine is not like other drugs that require increasingly greater amounts to achieve the previous results. Caffeine requires about fifteen minutes to enter the system and begin working. But take note. When caffeine is combined with carbohydrates – the sugar you dump in – the majority of caffeine’s fat-burning potential is blunted because of the subsequent rise in the fat-storing hormone insulin. The effects of caffeine usually last three to four hours. The effective dosage varies greatly from person to person – anywhere from 50 to 500 mgs. Start with 50 mg. and increasing the dose until you experience the benefits without the side effects. Following are a number of sources of caffeine and their content:

Source-Caffeine (mg)

Coffee, drip, 6 oz.- 80-175
Coffee, instant, 6 oz.- 60-I00
Coffee, decaffeinated, 6 oz.- 2-5
Tea, 5-rninute steep, 6 0z.- 20-100


So what’s the down side? Black coffee contains zero calories. But when you add whole milk, half and half, sugar or whipped cream, a large latte can contain from 250 to 700 calories. Further, sugar, whipped cream, and whole milk interferes with coffee’s ability to burn fat. Use non-fat additives and Naturlose instead of sugar. Some people complain of the "racy" effect of drinking coffee. While some are more sensitive than others, the body readily adapts to caffeine if the dosage starts at 50 mg. and is slowly increased to a point when its medicinal properties become effective. There have been no contraindications reported, even at high dosages.

Tid Bit: Spirulina . . . miracle element?

Researchers in the Soviet Union are using spirulina, the blue-green algae, in an attempt to save many of the 160,000, children suffering from radiation poisoning. A number of studies show that spirulina may be useful in treating radiation sickness. In one laboratory experiment the Zhongkai Agriculture and Technology College in the People's Republic of China and the University of Stockholm. Sweden. Spirulina brought a significant reduction of the micronucleus frequencies caused by gamma-radiation, according to Toxicology Letters. The researchers reported that an extract of the algae can reduce radiation-induced damage in the bone marrow of laboratory mice.Spirulina may also reduce total cholesterol.

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