The Coffee Bean: Mans Best Friend

Coffee not only is enjoyed by millions around the world, it has gained itself some sort of a reputation. It is known as being involved with romance while being one of the most lucrative commodities in the world. There of course have been many legends about coffee and the coffee plant as the years have gone on. However, some of the most recognizable and believable put the discovery of coffee in Ethiopia. This occurred in the time around 500 B.C. Then after it was discovered there, it was taken to Arabia, where it was given its name.

Then there was the Renaissance. This was a time of science and art. It was also known as one of the times when coffee began to be world distributed. In the late 18th century coffee farms and coffee drinkers had increased immensely. Coffee addiction had spread to Europe and Asia along with the Middle East and both South and North America. It was also being enjoyed by every social class.

There are of course some myths and truths about the effects of coffee. For instance, some research has marked that sperm will swim faster and longer when the fluid contains coffee. There have also been studies that suggest that coffee intake that is moderate over decades can actually reduce diabetes. It is also linked to the reduction in symptoms of asthma as well as cirrhosis of the liver.

Because coffee is considered to be an antioxidant, there is also evidence that it can be linked to heart health. Coffee can act as a diuretic and can produce more frequent urination. Meanwhile some are arguing still that coffee can actually contribute to nerve damage. A rather odd and highly unknown fact is also that caffeine is a natural insecticide. Coffee is not going anywhere regardless of the research and what it says.

Coffee is traded in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Lima. It has over 400 billion cups consumed every year. It can most definitely be known as black gold. It is said that only about 15% adults drink a cup of coffee or more every day. Despite this, the revenue for coffee each year is around $9 billion. Then if the amount of raw beans as well as revenue from grinders, brewers, and roasters is calculated, the amount is astonishing. The increase in coffee consumption and enjoyment is only increasing and therefore it is not going anywhere.

Specialty coffee cafes and shops are not the only place where coffee can be enjoyed anymore. With options for home espresso machines as well as home roasters, people can enjoy coffee while making their own recipes. People can enjoy flavored coffees right from their own homes and can make it just the way they like it whenever they want it. Regardless of the history of coffee, the current state is definitely that it continues to rise in popularity and be enjoyed by millions every day.

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