The Costa Rican Coffee Plantation

Well its November 2008 and a great time to be in Costa Rica to visit a local coffee farm. It's also harvest time for most of Costa Rica and the initial gourmet coffee reports are outstanding. Look for a very flavorful and smooth coffee and tons of it. The best gourmet coffees stem from the jungles of Costa Rica. Costa Rican Coffees are known to be full-flavored, with lively acidity, and are very fragrant and tangy. Arabica is the only species of coffee that Costa Rica sells. It is the sole source of fine coffee and comes from a more delicate, higher-altitude tree and grows at a lower temperature than the Robusta bean. The higher the altitude, the finer the coffee will be. Arabica coffees receive only 2 hours a day of direct sunlight. The Arabica bean is harder and has a denser aroma. It is the bean of choice for the gourmet coffee connoisseurs.

Costa Rican coffee has set the standards for fine wet-processed coffee for the rest of Central and South America. The most famous coffees by region are Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Herediá (Barva), Alajuela and Alajuela Poas Volcano. Single Origin Coffee: Estate or varietal coffee are unblended coffee - pure coffee of one type. With this designation the consumer is made aware of coffee varietal used, social practices and environmental practices (land conservation, recycling, natural fertilizers & no chemical sprays for example - like the Brava Estate Natural coffee) employed in the production of their coffee. Costa Rica has one of the widest ranges of microclimates, due to the drastic change in altitude and climate over relatively short distances. These differences in climatic factors determine the flavor of the final cup.

Costa Rican coffee has set the standards for fine wet-processed coffee for the rest of Central and South America. The regions famous for exceptional coffee are Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Herediá, Alajuela and Alajuela Poas Volcano. Costa Rican coffee grown in a specific region is also called a coffee appellation. Farmers are saying the past summer weather conditions were perfect and no adverse storms to factor in. Costa Rican coffee farmers are forecasting record crop yields - both in quantity and quality. Farmers are especially excited about the organic crops and the highest grades of Tarrazu and Tres Rios coffees. The number one select is supposed to be the most robust flavor it has ever had. We are seeing huge coffee cherries everywhere we go - report Samuel Diaz, an organic coffee farmer from the Central Valley.

And Costa Rican coffee farmers all across Costa Rica growing regions are reporting record crops. Tres Rios which harvests in December says the cherries are so full of coffee beans they are sitting on the ground in many areas. The Tarrazu region which harvests in November gives the same bountiful report.

The Brunca Region and Orasi regions which started harvesting this month report huge crops. The local Costa Rican people are raving about the first crops picked - excellent rich flavor. Says Maria Sanchez - if this were wine we would be putting Italy to shame. The West Valley starts harvesting next week and the locals say the coffee will be off the charts in every category.

Unfortunately many Costa Rican coffee brands are not 100% pure regional coffee. The high quality Costa rican coffee was in short supply so high end retailors often mixed it with other coffees to raise both pprofits and taste levels. These brands should actually be called Costa Rica Coffee Blends but pass themselves off as the real thing. Costa Rica coffee is also used to elevate the quality of many other gourmet coffee blends. So be sure your Costa Rican coffee is labeled Tarrazu or Tres Rios not just Costa Rican to be sure you are getting a pure estate coffee and not a blended gourmet coffee.

This winter 2008 is seeing record production in Costa Rican coffee production. Nows the time to try the best coffee in the world - Costa rica just happens to be having its best crop ever too. By Christmas look in your store for this awesome gourmet coffee crop. Its got a great flavor and very smooth this year with a huge harvest it should be easy to find.

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