The Joy of Cappuccino Machines

Coffee has most definitely become not only a beverage but an entire culture in the United States. Although in the United States, someone can still find hundreds of different kinds of coffee with different tastes, aromas, places of origin, and caffeine levels. Each person has their own favorite, but what will always be true is that people love to meet over a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

One of the best ways to enjoy your cappuccino machine at home is to try the coffee of Brazil, of the world's largest producers of coffee. This is because over one third of its entire land mass suits growing conditions for coffee. The most wonderful and aromatic blends from the region are Bahia and Minas Gerais. Even more known for its coffee is Colombia; although it is second in the amount that it produces Colombia is known for its Supremo and Excelso coffees which both have a light and sweet delicate nature. These coffees come from Popayan or Narino and are rarely defeated in the world of coffee. However, coffee does not have to be from Colombia or Brazil in order to make an impression on the world of coffee. There are all kinds of fantastic blends and tastes that come from all around the world.

Mexico refuses to take a back seat to these coffee giants. Although the beans are small their taste is huge. Mexico is known for its delicate and light coffee. It is essential to have a mild coffee for the drinkers of the world. Cuba is on the other end of the spectrum with its powerful tasting coffee. It is consumed as if it were a shot of Tequila.

The coffees of Indonesia are known for their aging process. The climate that is warm and damp offers the producers a slowly developed coffee which ends up with a deep body and a lot less acidity. It is considered the fourth coffee giant in the world. Then there is Malaysia where the coffee is brewed uniquely. It is brewed through a muslin bag which is used to filter the grounds. This produces quite a strong cup of coffee. Then there is Thailand. Although tiny, its coffee is not. Thailand is known for its chicory-tinged blend that is served with ice and condensed milk. It is quite the experience and is quite popular even in America.

Kona from the region of Mauna Loa is medium bodied and offers a sweet and aromatic experienced. Then the coffee of Sumatra offers a full flavored coffee that is quite rich. Kenya brings a coffee that is indescribable in its after taste. It is grown at 17,000 feet and is unlike anything else. Coffee has been brewed and roasted for centuries and each region offers its own tastes and practices.

The Europeans still remain a forerunner in the coffee world. France is known for its caf au lait made from a cappuccino machine. This beverage is half coffee and half hot milk. Then there is Austria with its coffee that is a blend of two thirds dark and one third regular. Italy is known for its espresso. This is all thanks to two men named Luigi Bezzera and M. Cremonesi. Espresso does contain less caffeine and therefore a few cups can be enjoyed without the high buzz. Espresso can be mixed with hot milk or hot foam to create a more delicate taste. Regardless of where the coffee is from or how it is made or drank, it is one of America's favorite cultural activities.

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