To Take Coffee or to not to?

Coffee, oh yes it's the code word, that keeps many of us going and perks you up at the most tired moments, but wait a sec, is it really good for your health?

I was always baffled, and I have to admit that I have never really got of that rut, so I decided to do a bit of reading and researching, and boy didn’t I find out some things.

Keep reading, grab a coffee if it's available!

Reasons why you should have coffee:

1. Boosts that thing in your little head- Yes, you are aware of it, it peps up your brain really well, and makes you more aware and helps you concentrate.

2. Disease Stoping- It can help you stay far away from Cancer, Common Form of Diabetes, Parkinsons and Alzheimers. Boy! and not one of those illness are really something that you can easily get out once you get it.

3. Headache Killer- It aids in looking after those big pain in your head.{ That's why I'm never scared of fighting with my wife}

4. Short-Term Memory- Yes, yes, it kick starts your short term memory, that’s good, right?

5. You can de-addict from it easily, the hardship lasts only for 9 to 10 days.

6. It's a really good anti-oxidant source. { BIG TIME}

7. It can cheer you up, oh it so does!

Ok, here comes the bad part, the other side of the big fat bean.

Some reasons why you should not drink coffee-

1. It is addictive- You don't want to come across too jittery during some date, sends a wrong signal.

2. It can aid in the increase of cholesterol.

3. It can disturb your la la time- Yes, it can result in your sleeping patterns go disarray sometimes and again, that is not good.

4. It speeds up the aging procedure- Yes, this is a sad truth.

5. Calcium no friend of Coffee- Too much coffee intake can result in a quicker loss of Calcium from your body.

6. It can disturb your weight loss diet, if you're having one.

7. It might make you really alert, but after sometime it can leave you exhausted! Boy confusing!

Ok, I tried to maintain this article as objective as I could, but then, here comes the moment where I have to say-

Coffee, has been part of most of our lives, it's something that we kick start our day with, and it does so much for us. Now, there are a few side effects, but then the vital word here is that, these side effects become really prominent when you consume it too much. You should see coffee as a guide as a tool that helps you be a better person and a real performer

So grab your coffee, or gulp down that cup you already have in your hand!

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