Top Ten Coffee Pod Flavors

Sensuous coffee drinkers love to have different flavors added to their each coffee drink. Today coffee is available in many flavors some of which are described in brief below.

1)Almond Flavor - Almond is most popular nut with an aroma of its own. It is crispy. The flavor can be extracted either in powder form or concentrate. Almond flavor is added to the coffee at the time of roasting of the coffee beans.
2)Cinnamon Flavor - Cinnamon is a well known spice condiment and one of the most expensive spices. It is used in all foods and drinks. It has a strong smell. Cinnamon is ground with the coffee after roasting.
3)Caramel Flavor - Caramel is mixture of brown sugar and butter. This flavor is loved for its creamy and smooth taste. The flavor acts more as a sweetener. In fact it can be used for many other flavors.
4)Chocolate Flavor - Chocolate is loved by both young and the old. Being inexpensive, this flavor is the most used for the tastes by one and all.
5)French Vanilla - Vanilla beans are considered to be the strongest flavor agents. A bean of vanilla can be used to flavor ten cups of coffee. These beans are ground along with coffee beans. Sometimes due to its strong aromatic quality, essence is sprayed on to the freshly roasted coffee beans and then packed into pods.
6)Hazel nut Flavor - These are nuts with edible kernel but the fruit is bitter. The kernel is separated, ground and the hazel nut oil extracted for flavoring.
7)Irish cream Flavor - Irish cream is a mixture of whiskey, cream and sugar. Since the mixture curdles like yoghurt, it is blended at the time of use only. This is used as a flavor to give an Irish whiskey touch to the coffee.
8)Peppermint Flavor - Mint is a herb used as a food flavoring agent and as medicine. Peppermint is used mostly as mouth freshner due to its strong smell. Strong aromatic coffee lovers can test the taste of this flavor.
9)Express Flavor - Espresso is spelt as express. Espresso flavor, popular in Italy, is increasing its lovers. Espresso is extremely strong coffee which is got when hot water is forced through the coffee. The flavors in the form of pods have become popular today with the pod people.
10)Chocolate Cappuccino Flavor - Cappuccino is espresso coffee with addition of frothed milk and cream.

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