Travel Light With A Travel Coffee Maker

You love your coffee. You have your own personal blend. You love your brewer, and have it set on a timer when you don't forget. But the mornings when you do forget are always hectic, and more often than not, you're in a rush just to get out the door with enough time to swing by the nearest 7-Eleven to grab a cup of coffee on the way to work.

Not quite the cup of coffee you prefer, but better than nothing.

Tired of settling?

Then it might be time for a travel coffee maker. More popular than ever before, especially with the hectic world we live in today, travel coffee makers are easy to take with you wherever you go. Set one up at the office. Carry one in the car. Keep one at home for quick brewing. Pack one for your next trip. However you choose to use your travel coffee maker, you're suddenly back in control again.

Prices can vary dramatically, depending on the manufacturer and the features you select. On the low end, you can purchase a maker for as little as twenty dollars. On the high end, you might pay as much as a few hundred dollars. In either case, travel coffee makers all generally function in the same manner. Place the coffee in the filtered basket, add water to the reservoir, turn it on, and you're all set.

With that in mind, here are some features to consider when looking for a travel coffee maker:

1. Assembly .... is it easy to take apart to clean and then put back together again? You'd be surprised at how difficult some travel coffee makers can be to reassemble.

2. Dual Voltage System ... if you do any traveling abroad, especially in Europe, you'll likely need a dual voltage system in order to accommodate both American and European outlets. Check with the manufacturer to make sure one is available.

3. Car Cup Holder ... will the coffee mug that comes with the unit fit a standard car cup holder. If it won't, you're likely to find yourself greatly inconvenienced.

4. Auto Shut Off ... will the travel coffee maker automatically shut off after brewing? Always a good idea for safety's sake.

5. Filters ... does the unit come with a permanent filter, or use a standard paper cone filter? Which would you prefer for your particular circumstances? Keep in mind that a permanent filter allows you that much less you have to pack when traveling.

6. Flexibility ... does it have the ability to also make hot water for tea, hot chocolate, or instant foods? Very handy on those extended trips or long days at the office when you can't get away for lunch.

7. Capacity ... does it brew a single cup or more? Do you need more than a single cup maker? And finally ... what is the cup capacity? 10 ounces? More? Less?

8. Construction ... is the mug made of plastic or stainless steel? Does it have rubber grips to make sure you don't end up dropping it in your lap during the drive to work?

9. Brewing Time ... how long does it take to brew a single cup of coffee? Some models can brew a cup in as little as 60 seconds.

10. Taste ... and most important of all, does the coffee maker influence the taste of the coffee? A cheap model can sometimes produce a cup of coffee that tastes like the plastic container. The goal, as much as possible, is to combine convenience, cost, and quality when you can.

Finally, make sure you read the manufacturer's descriptions carefully and choose the coffee maker that's right for your needs. If you're a coffee lover, you're going to thoroughly enjoy being able to take your travel coffee maker with you on trips, or to the office, or even keep it at home for a quick brew just before you're on your way out the door.

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