5 Reasons to Try Gourmet Tea Today

Fine gourmet tea is perfect for those who like the finer things in life. If you prefer a home cooked meal from fresh ingredients rather than a microwaved ready meal, or choose your wine based on grape and country rather than whats on offer in the off-licence, why not consider fine loose tea instead of teabags?

1.Health benefits

Specialist teas such as green tea provide many well-documented health benefits including cancer and heart disease fighting properties.

2.Fantastic Taste

Whilst tea bags may be more convenient, making a proper cup of tea is more rewarding and provides a much better flavour. There is no compromise with loose tea, and the flavours are really distinctive.

If there is a certain type of tea that you already like, or tea from a specific country or region, perhaps you will want to discover more teas from this region.

3.Different Styles and Flavours of Tea

If you like wine and know, or appreciate, the differences betweens grapes or countries, the same applies to gourmet tea. Fine teas are available from India, Chinese, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Japan, and each loose tea has its own distinctive characteristics. You will soon appreciate the improved taste and flavour of a specialist tea compared to a cup of tea made with teabags, in the same way that you can tell a good wine from a lesser wine.

4.Which tea is best for me?

Finding the right loose tea can be daunting task for the newcomer, and there will be some teas you like, and some you dont.

Green tea is often talked about as it contains many health benefits, but what about the other sorts of teas?

Black Teas such as English Tea and Earl Grey Tea are a great way to start the day, and are invigorating without being overpowering. These teas are also often drunk to help aid digestion.

Puerh Teas like Young Pu-erh are aged for a long time, up to 50 years, to give them a unique taste. The longer the tea is aged for, the mellower the taste will be. Puerh teas are seen as medicinal in China, as they help to metabolise fats.

White Teas such as Pai Mu Tan are similar in colour to white wine, and can have fruity or nutty tastes. White tea is made by drying the freshly harvested tea leaves and buds.

Herbal infusions often contain health benefits. Herbal Mint teas can help to alleviate an upset stomach thanks to the mint. Rooibos tea from South Africa contains calming properties and helps the drinker to relax. It has a mild taste and is ideal for the novice specialist tea drinker.

5.Follow the instructions

Once you have found the right gourmet tea for you, you will need to follow the advice to ensure that you make it properly. Different gourmet teas need to be brewed for a different length of time, and the water needs to be at a different temperature. Getting the brewing process wrong can burn the tea and make it almost undrinkable. In the same way that you wouldnt drink an expensive wine out of a paper cup, each fine tea needs to be made correctly so it tastes right. Its not the same as dunking a tea bag in a cup of boiling water!

Making a cup of tea will become much more of a ritual, and scientific process as you learn to get the temperature and brewing times just right, to provide the best taste. Why not be adventurous and find the perfect loose tea for you.Fine Gourmet Tea provides a great tasting alternative to tea bags, so why not discover a world of specialist gourmet teas today?

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