Amazing Benefits of Green Tea

Everyday it seems like we read about yet another possible benefit of green tea. It feels like a constant stream of information is appearing about another study with yet another malady that green tea might be able to fix. The upcoming four are some of the most exciting areas of research being performed with green tea currently. Preventing Cancer One possible benefit of green tea may be its ability to fight cancer. Recent studies manifested significantly lower levels of cancer amongst Asian communities who ingested green tea. Based on this possible correlation between a regular consumption of green tea and a lower risk for cancer further research is taking place. There has been studies on humans and animals showing positive benefits with green tea. The prevention of cancer in many of the body's vital organs is one of the possible health benefits of green tea according to preliminary conclusions. These organs include the urinary bladder, the entire upper and lower digestive tract, and pancreas. Friend of Your Heart A prominent health benefit of green tea is the antioxidants found in green tea. These antioxidants have shown promise in controlling hypertension, minimizing levels of cholesterol, and minimizing cardiac disease. Specifically, a daily cup of tea, eight and a half ounces, was consumed by those participating in a case study. After 25 years, participants had less incidents of heart attacks in contrast to the participants who did not consume the green tea. Additional studies demonstrate that antioxidants were helpful in minimizing the bonding of blood cells. The possibilities of this benefit would be the reduction in clotting which might lead to strokes and heart disease. Green Tea and Arthritis Research has shown a strong ingredient of green tea to be its ability to perform as an agent to minimize inflammation.A health benefit of green tea is the possible prevention and soothing of arthritis and its painful symptoms. Certain studies indicate that the antioxidants in green tea slow the arthritic process as well as minimize the painful symptoms of those afflicted with arthritis. Liver Protection A health benefit of green tea is the possible protection of the liver. Early research indicates a strong correlation between the antioxidants found in green tea and the function of the liver. The liver acts as a filter within the body and rids the body of toxins. Some of these toxins include the ingredients found in alcohol, the air we breathe, food eaten, water consumed, cigarettes smoked, and so on. The benefits of green tea strongly suggest a protection of the cells that comprise the liver as well as strenthening and stimulating the immune system within the body. It is easy to imagine that with the great many people suffering from heart problems, arthritis, liver problems, or cancer that green tea could have the ability to really benefit a huge amount of people.

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