Chinese wonder - Blossoming green tea

Tired of floating tea leaves? Want something more visual? Want more taste? Try Blossoming Tea!

Green Tea has a new face. Put aside the old fashioned Chinese tea and welcome Blossoming Tea from House of Blossoms into your kitchen. It’s like an elaborate spectacle inside your tea pot!

Established in 2007, House of Blossoms provides you with the most sensational eye indulging Blossoming Teas made from a combination of the finest Chinese Green Tea and the most delicate flowers. The beauty of these blossoms will make you rediscover the magic of sharing a cup of tea and renew your passion for Chinese Tea Culture.

Blossoming Tea was first created in 1996, and its attractiveness and unique taste made it immediately popular, allowing professionals to experiment with different combinations of Chinese Tea.

The production of Blossoming Tea starts in the early spring when the green tea leaves are hand picked whilst they are young and unopened, preserving both the bud and tea leaf on the inside. Only the finest leaves and buds make it through the selection process. An extra special touch is the added scents of Jasmine, Osmanthus and Chrysanthemum, which together with the Green Tea, make for an exceptional infusion.

The Chinese Tea flowers that the Blossoming Tea contains are also handpicked when young and fresh, preserving their delicate flavours and their precious shape.
Each Blossom is a careful combination of a flower and the specific kind of Chinese Green Tea that most enhances its taste. A variety of Green Teas are used to make Blossoming Tea, such as Camellia Sinensis, Camellia Assamese, Anhui Green Tea (Huangshan Mao Feng) and Silver Needle Green Tea. Each of these has a unique taste and offers a little something different to your taste buds.

For the health conscious society we live in today, Blossoming Tea’s key ingredient, Chinese Green Tea, is a dream, universally known for its health benefits, revitalising and boosting the immune system.

For a unique taste of nature, combined with an exceptional visual and an out of this world experience, indulge in a cup of Blossoming Tea. Escape your every day routine sip by sip!

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