Choose and Drink Your Favorite Organic Loose Teas

Tea is a wonderful drink. It can be enjoyed both hot or cold, sweetened or unsweetened, anytime you wish a refreshing beverage. Popular online tea merchants offer organic loose teas for your drinking pleasure.

If you enjoy tea on a regular basis, it pays to purchase your loose organic teas in bulk. Buying bulk tea is a cost-effective way to keep your kitchen well supplied with your favorite beverage.

There are many types of loose organic teas that you might enjoy. You can select from black tea, oolong tea, bulk green tea, white tea, as well as other specific types of herbal teas. Bulk loose tea can be blended with different varieties, so that you can achieve your favorite flavors.

Bulk green tea not only tastes good, but it may also be used for many purposes. Asian cultures including those in China and Korea have created tea ceremonies for many important events, including marriages and family gatherings; tea ceremonies can also be held in these cultures in order to apologize for something or to pay respect to someone.

Bulk loose tea is easy to prepare. One simply puts organic loose teas in a teapot or teacup and pours hot water over the tea. The tea is allowed to steep in the hot water, for a shorter period of time for a more mildly flavored tea, to a longer period of time for a stronger tea. Bulk tea can taste bitter if it is allowed to steep too long, so you will want to experiment and taste as it steeps to find the perfect length of time for the particular tea you are brewing. The bulk tea must be strained out of the liquid before it is consumed. Sugar or cream can be added if desired, or it can be drunk without any additions. At this point, it may be drunk hot, or you can choose to chill it and serve it as iced tea. One suggestion for keeping the iced tea undiluted by the ice when it melts is to freeze prepared bulk loose tea in ice cube trays, and add that to your glass when serving iced tea.

It is a great deal of fun to prepare loose organic teas in a teapot. You will want to begin by pouring hot water inside the teapot and then swirl it around, after which you will pour it out. You can place organic loose teas in a tea strainer, and set the strainer inside the tea pot. Then simply pour the hot water into the pot, put the lid on the pot and let it steep for the desired length of time. When ready, the strainer can be removed, leaving you with a delectable pot of warm delicious tea for you to enjoy.

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