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Fair Trade is a system of occupation that uses the markets to promote ethnic justice. Both assembled goods like clothing, bedding, table linens, musical instruments, soccer balls and horticultural products, such as fair trade tea, coffee, chocolate, rice and olive oil, can be generated in clean change cooperatives.The principle elements of fairness include:

1. Fair pays for professionals. Fair Trade promises a great livelihood income for masters of the trade and empowers them to create superior quality artefact without negotiating with the quality to save money.

2. Reasonable prices for farmers. Fair Trade promises that growers earn a reasonable, market-based fare for their crops.

3. Safe and secured working conditions. That implies that there should be no condensate shops and no female will be forced to work.

4. Community development. Cooperatives of Fair Trade should open schools, care centers of health, clean and pure liquid systems and other institutions chosen by their members by democracy to upgrading the quality of life in the community.

5. Straight market access. By ensuring straight market access for the farmers and professionals, the manufacturers can receive a clean remuneration and still have prices fair for the consumer.

6. Take decisions democratically. Fair change cooperatives engage in egalitarian decision-making in their work cooperatives and accord development programs.

7. Protecting the Environment. Fair change cooperatives attain decisions regarding use of energy, dyes and other issues with concern for the endorsement of the environment.

8. Sustainable farming. Fair change farmers attain agricultural decisions with concern for the sustainability of their farms.

By purchasing clean trade, a consumer can put her money where her principles are.Consumers can support clean change by looking for, asking for and purchasing clean change products like fair trade tea in local stores or on the internet.

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