Fair Trade Teas Are A Great Choice For Taste And Sustainability

Loose teas can be found that are also a type of fair trade tea. Fair trade products are grown sustainably by local farmers in tea regions all over the world, and they are paid a fair price for the products they produce. This is fair for the farmers, who keep more of the money for producing the crops that are turned into wonderful teas for your morning or evening cup, and you can know that you are doing a great thing by supporting sustainable agriculture each time you enjoy a cup.

Loose teas make a great choice for wholesalers who are supplying their stores as well as the devoted tea lover who just wants to keep an ample supply on hand at home. There are many different varieties of organic loose tea from which you can choose those popular with your yourself or your customers. As well, you can use loose teas as the ingredients used in your own personalized tea blends.

Bulk organic black tea makes a wonderful rich, deeply flavorful drink that is perfect to help you wake up in the morning. Organic teas are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides being applied to the plants or the ground where the plants are grown, so that the tea you are getting is chemical and toxin free and wonderful tasting. Bulk organic black tea comes in several fragrant varieties, including cinnamon orange spice, Earl Grey and English Breakfast, so you can have a variety on hand for whenever the mood strikes for a robust tea. Bulk green tea makes a health-conscious alternative to other teas because it is high in antioxidants

Several organic herbal teas are available as a great choice for the person who needs to avoid caffeine. Caffeine has been known to cause jitters in some people who drink it late at night, and can also cause stomach upset. Selecting organic herbal teas can help you you to avoid the problems associated with caffeine, and are readily available in several fair trade tea varieties.

There are many other fair trade tea varieties from which you can choose your favorites. Try a taste of Ceylon with Ceylon tea. Made from a certain variety of Camellia plant, this tea offers hints of citrus and eucalyptus. Another very popular fair trade organic tea is the Cinnamon orange spice blend. This citrus treat tastes sweet, and provides a non- or low-calorie alternative to heavy desserts. There is a type of fair trade tea for every taste.

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