Gourmet Tea - 5 Interesting Facts

How do you prepare your tea? Are you a "bag dunker", or do you steep gourmet loose tea in your infuser?

Only one of these methods will give you tea the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Which is it?

At the conclusion of this article, tea bags may be a thing of the past for most folks! But don't throw them away, they make good odor absorbers in the refrigerator, in fact, that is all they will seem good for after experiencing tea the way it was meant to be consumed.

Five Interesting Things To Know About Gourmet Tea

1) As hinted above, gourmet loose tea will provide much better aroma and flavor over ordinary tea bags. The simple reason why is that loose leaf tea contains more essential oils since there is more surface area. The result is a fresh cup with a very appealing aroma which tastes very inspiring. Each sip will reward the senses.

Did you ever have a great cup of gourmet coffee, or even a good glass of wine that is remembered? The same may go for your new tea experience...

Tea bag tea contains fannings, also called "tea dust", and while this may be great for tea leaf reading, will never yield a cup that rivals its larger loose leaf brothers. A big reason why is because tea bag leaves are crushed which depletes most of the oils. Another is that most tea bags can be over a year old, which means more of a stale flavor. All tea is best enjoyed within 6 months.

2) Gourmet tea also contains more antioxidants and polyphenols which are responsible for teas amazing health benefits. Some benefits include, lowered blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, a stronger immune system, and even weight loss! Since loose tea is fresh and contains more oils, naturally they will give us more of the goodies health conscious folks are looking for in each cup.

Tea bags will offer little of these benefits, and although you may receive some, they are not in the numbers as with loose leaf.

3) Gourmet loose leaf yields way more varieties compared to what a selection may be at a supermarket! There are four main types of tea, white, green, oolong, and black. But each type branches out into thousands of varieties.

Seasoned tea drinkers are always looking for a new cup to discover, and this is one of the most simple pleasures gourmet tea is known for.

4) Another thing gourmet loose tea excels at is it makes a great gift idea! For a loved one, you're always on the hunt to impress them with something, well, different. Depending on a person's likes, loose leaf tea is a good choice and one way to bring out a "WOW!" when they open the present.

Purchasing little tea tins with an infuser, cup set, tea pot, and fitted in a small box or gift basket is the perfect way to make a person feel surprised.

It may very well make them form a healthy new habit as well!

5) Are you thinking that gourmet grade tea is expensive? The truth is, loose leaf will cost a little more, but in the long run, you are getting what you pay for. In the long run, you're saving money. Look at it this way, a normal cup of tea-bag brewed at a restaurant will cost around a dollar.

Loose leaf when purchased in the popular 2 or 4 ounce tins can be an average of 10 to 25 cents per cup. That is not too bad for something that you will enjoy is it? In addition, 2 ounces of tea will make many servings too!

Now while these are five top reasons to enjoy gourmet tea, I'm sure you'll find others. It is a good way to impress company, and is a perfect companion for a social gathering. In time, you may find yourself shaking you head every time you see someone dunking a tea bag and smile that it was the way you once enjoyed what you thought was "tea".

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