Green Tea and Health Benefits

The other three varieties would be the oolong tea, the white tea and the black tea. The Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Japan an Taiwan are basically the locations where the practice of drinking green tea is most popular, although now the west has realized the health benefits which come with drinking the tea.

The studies on green tea pronounces it as being the least oxidized variety of these other kinds of tea that are drunk all over the world. But now we know that it is white tea that is goes through the least amount of processing among all varieties of tea.

The discovery of tea has a long mythical past when it was suddenly brewed in a Chinese emperor's tea as a result of a few tea leaves landing in a kettle of boiling water.

The good fortune was that the emperor decided to drink that potion and realized that this was a drink that he would not mind tasting. Thus began tea drinking and since then there have been innumerable innovations introduced to its manufacture and plantation.

With the progress of history, China began trading with other countries and this resulted in the need to take tea leaves out of the country to be carried over great distances. China always has a great deal of pride associated with tea as it seems to have arrived from the emperors time. Now how was preservation carried out when it came to tea leaves being imported?

The process involved the steaming of wild tea leaves on bamboo trays and subsequent grinding of tea leaves into a fine pulp like substance that was called tea mud.

Tea mud was then left o solidify and thus harden. Following this hardening the sample was then dried out in the sun and baked after that to stop rotting of this sample. The Tang dynasty in China introduced such a processing method for the first time. There are other different models of processing green tea that are prevalent today.

The association between green tea and health benefits has been known since as early as the 9th century. With life progressing to make lifestyles more stressful and difficult, there was an incredible need felt of something that would act as some kind of a stress reliever or basically something that would rid them of their anxieties.

For the last 4000 years the Chinese have been writing the history of green tea as a stress reliever and this makes it an immediate solution to the problems of modern lifestyles. Both oriental and occidental sciences have qualified green tea as an anxiety reducing substance and this has led to the widespread popularity of this kind of tea.

Additional health benefits have been discovered nowadays that pertain to the capacity of this kind of tea of reducing chances of esophageal cancer and in fact there are well founded claims of green tea being an efficient anti carcinogenic liquid.

Also green tea is known for acting as a cure or preventive measure in cases of ailments like

* High cholesterol depositions
* General infections
* Tooth decay
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Food poisoning

Given the fact that green tea is a treasure of antioxidants its role as described above and a more general role of acting, as a stimulant is widely known to people.

Thus there is the natural association between green tea and health that we all are aware of. Hot or cold, both ways it's also a tasty drink, if made properly and all that is left for you now, is to switch to the healthy beverage of the new age.

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