Herbal Teas Are Tops In Flavor

Organic herbal teas make for an excellent tasting drink that is good for you. Many people get the jitters when they consume too much caffeine. This problem can be alleviated by switching to decaffeinated drinks. Herbal organic teas offer the same great taste that you would find with the black teas that contain caffeine, yet come with the health benefits of no caffeine.

You may want to consider purchasing fair trade tea. Fair trade tea is sustainably grown and harvested, with the workers receiving fair wages for the services they provide. It is then sold, many times directly from the farmers and producers, so that the workers get to keep a greater portion of the money. This is one great way that developed countries, such as the United States, can use their purchasing power to enable farmers in undeveloped countries to create sustainable, living wage jobs. You will find several organic herbal teas that are fair trade.

Loose leaf teas, including organic loose tea, are the connoisseur's choice for organic herbal teas. Loose leaf teas are just that, loose, and thus are used with a tea strainer. A strainer is a small golf-ball sized metal round with little holes in it that consists of two halves that screw together. You take your favorite organic loose tea, place some in the ball and close the ball, then hook it over the edge of your tea cup or the lip of a tea pot, and add hot water. Let it steep to the intensity of infusion that you enjoy, then remove the ball and add sugar and cream if desired. The beauty of using loose organic teas with a tea ball is that you control the amount of tea used, and you can even make your own custom blends of several varieties combined to your personal preferences.

It is also wise to consider purchasing organic herbal teas. Organic plants, including teas, have to be grown under controlled conditions. The earth on which the plants are grown cannot have chemical pesticides used on them, neither can the plants themselves be sprayed or have chemical pesticides applied to them in order to meet organic certification standards. Organic products, as well as fair trades ones, are clearly labeled on the packaging as such, so that you can tell that what you are buying is organic and fair trade. Organic herbal teas come in all of your favorite flavors, such as Earl Grey, Alfalfa Mint, Spice Delight, Chamomile, Cinnamon Orange Spice, Darjeeling, English Breakfast, Green Chai, Hibiscus, and Jasmine, so you can always have a variety on hand for whatever mood you might be in.

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