How to Choose a Tea House

Whenever you sit down to have a piping hot cup of tea, do you ever dream that you are somewhere else? It could be anywhere from a beautiful Japanese pagoda to an English countryside style cottage. Such places may seem so far away to you as you sit in your kitchen reading the newspaper, but what if you could travel to these fanciful tea house destinations without ever leaving your local metropolitan area? Wouldn't that simply be amazing?

Well, thanks to incredible entrepreneurs all over the world, now you can enjoy the feeling of drinking tea in an authentically designed tea house without ever having to leave the country you call home. Practically every major metropolis now has at least a couple of fantastic looking tea houses for you to enjoy, creating an absolutely perfect atmosphere for anyone looking to have a nice warm cup of tea in a setting they will not soon forget.

For persons who are looking for a graceful and relaxing afternoon tea, look for an establishment that provides light tea in the afternoon. Keep in mind that for light tea or high tea you may need to make reservations in advance. If you are in the mood for a quick cup of tea, then try a family style house. They often have several pots brewing at a time, or you can choose from a wide range of bagged teas and steep your own cup. There are some tea houses that cater to special events, such as birthday parties and bridal showers as well; this can add a nice extra touch to an already happy occasion.

If you are particularly passionate about enjoying a cup of green tea, there are countless tea houses around the world that are designed to look exactly like what you would expect to find in thirteenth century China or Japan with all of the details intact. These places really help set the mood for a fantastic cup of tea.

On the other hand, if European style black teas are more to your liking, what better way to enjoy your tea than by sitting in a cottage style setting or a copy of a medieval tavern? Such places can be found far and wide in America, and there are even several cottages and taverns designed for the tea connoisseur in Los Angeles of all places.

Finally, if you need help finding any of these incredible tea house destinations, simply use the internet and a particularly helpful website called TeaMap and in no time you will be able to find all of the tea houses in your local area.

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