How to Select the Best Irish Tea For Your Taste: Barrys Tea

The Irish know tea. In Ireland, more of it is consumed per capita than in any other country. So, if you are looking for a good cup, start with Irish tea. Make sure to look for an authentic Irish tea, produced by a company in Ireland. Barry's is one of Ireland's leading brands.

As with most Irish brands, Barry's blends African and Indian teas, specifically from Kenya and Rwanda as well as the Assam valley in India. Most of the tea used is African, since it works particularly well with the Irish water.

Each type of Barry's is a different blend. When blending different types and amounts, varying tastes are created. The difference between Irish brands is how they are blended.

If you are going to purchase any authentically Irish tea, first make sure to look for freshness. All Barry's products have a "Best By" date stamped on the side of the box. Make sure you get a box with the "Best By" date at least a few months in the future. When shopping on the Internet, make sure the date is provided. Make sure you get authentic Barry's, which are still blended and produced in Cork, Ireland.

Barry's is at the high end of the market. Th company has approximately 34% of the Irish tea market and is second behind leader Lyons.

Barry's Gold, the company's flagship product, is their most popular item. Barry's Gold comes in a distinctive red box and brews an amber color with a smooth, clean taste. It is available in an 80 bag box or 8.8 ounces of loose.

A premium tea, Barry's Classic is the company's second most popular item. Barry's Classic comes in a brown color box. It has a full-bodied taste with a stronger flavor than Barry's Gold. It is available in an 80 bag box or 8.8 ounces of loose.

Barry's Irish Breakfast, formerly called Green Label, is a traditional Irish tea. Barry's Irish Breakfast comes in a recognizable green box and brews a light amber color. It is a subtle blend with a light flavor. It is available in an 80 bag box

If you prefer caffeine-free, Barry's has a full-flavored decaffeinated. Many caffeine-free teas taste weak and lack flavor. Barry's Decaffeinated is rich and full of flavor. The product comes in a blue box and is available in bags.

For a change of pace, Barry's offers a flavored tea. Barry's Earl Grey is black tea blended with bergamot oil (the flavor in earl grey). Barry's Earl Grey comes in a light blue box and is available in bags.

Unlike most tea companies, Barry's has a dynamic web site. You can visit the company's web site to watch its television commercials (only aired in Ireland), hear radio ads, see billboards, get recipes and more.

Now, just decide if you prefer tea bags or loose.

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