Organic Teas - A Healthier Choice

Why are organic teas a healthier choice than teas produced in traditional manners?

What is all the hubbub about organic foods? That reasonable question has several compelling answers that make a lot of sense, and cause consumers to seek out these healthy products. Organic foods, including beverages such as tea, are produced without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. This is a more sustainable choice than many contemporary farming methods, which rely on chemicals to boost blemish-free production yields, but with the consequence of great amounts of chemical runoff, that ends up in storm drains, causing ecological havoc to shorelines and wildlife living in and drinking the water, as well as finding its way into human water sources. Contemporary farming often focuses on growing a great deal of one type of crop, thereby diminishing beneficial insects that cannot be supported by the single crop or the insects it attracts. Organic farming promotes sustainability, and diversity of plants as well as the insects and animals, including humans, that rely on them.

For all these reasons, organic teas make an excellent hot beverage choice that is not only tasty but good for the environment. You can find bulk tea that comes in the form of organic loose tea, organic herbal teas, as well as chai teas including spiced chai tea, so that you will find a healthy favorite for an early morning revival or late night relaxation session.

Organic Teas are available in bulk loose form

Organic loose tea is a popular choice among those who have sensitive palates and demand specialized flavors. With the wide variety of organic teas available, you can purchase in bulk to save money, without compromising flavor because you can blend your organic herbal teas to your exact specifications.

You could choose spiced chai tea as a favorite bulk tea. Organic teas such as this delightful one come in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated versions. The one with caffeine is created using a blend of Assam and black tea along with spices, while the herbal variety creates its zest by focusing on several herbs and spices that provide the taste experience that Chai drinkers love. Spices such as cloves, ginger root, cinnamon, along with the surprising tangy flavor of pepper, go into the making of this favorite tea, one of many organic teas that you can choose from.

For health reasons and environmental concerns, organic beverages like organic tea make a smart choice.

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About The Author, Anne Harvester
Anne Harvester is an herbalist who has studied the benefits of organic foods. In this article, she explores chai teas, organic herbal tea, and bulk tea. Following Anne's advice on buying organic loose tea can save you money.