Selecting The Best Type Of Irish Tea

If you want to try an authentic Irish tea, but are confused by the many choices available, start with this guide. Bewley's Tea is made in Ireland and one of the country's leading brands. Get facts about each type of Bewley's Tea, such as tasting notes, brewing color, and availability in tea bags or loose form.

Bewley's blends tea from Africa and India. About 80% is African tea since it works particularly well with the Irish water. Each type of Bewley's is a different blend. Blending various types and amount of tea creates different tastes. Various Irish brands blend in different combinations.

When shopping for Bewley's Tea, make sure to look for freshness. All Bewley's Tea have a "Best By" date stamped on the side of the box. Make sure you get a box with the "Best By" date at least a few months in the future. When shopping on the Internet, make sure the date is provided. Make sure you get authentic Bewley's, which are still blended and produced in Ireland.

Bewley's offers a variety of black tea; many of which taste only slightly different.

Bewley's Irish Breakfast has a creamy, malty flavor and brews a dark color. Bewley's Irish Breakfast is made from tea of India: Assam and Darjeeling. Bewley's Irish Breakfast is available in an 80 bag or 25 individually wrapped bag box. It also is available loose in an 8.8 ounce box.

Bewley's Irish Afternoon is lighter than Irish Breakfast but has a much stronger jolt. Bewley's Irish Afternoon is great for an afternoon pickup. It brews a rich, golden orange color. Bewley's Irish Afternoon comes in 25 individually wrapped bags or 8.8 ounces loose.

Bewley's Clipper Gold is rich, full bodied and brews a golden color. The tea is a Gold Medal winner at the London Gourmet Food Awards. Bewley's Clipper Gold comes in an 80 bag box or 8.8 ounces loose.

Bewley's Finest Regency is full bodied and made with highest quality tea from Kenya. Bewley's Finest Regency brews a deep orange color and is available in an 80 bag box.

Bewley's Green Label, a full bodied tea, is strong and pure in flavor. Bewley's Green Label is made from tea grown in Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria. It brews a golden color and is available in an 80 bag box.

Bewley's Dublin Morning is full-bodied and brews a golden, deep orange color. The box depicts Dublin's famous Ha'penny Bridge. Bewley's Dublin Morning comes in an 80 bag box

Bewley's Decaffeinated is a full bodied decaffeinated tea. Bewley's Decaf is full of flavor, unlike many decaf teas. Bewley's Decaffeinated comes in a 48 bag box.

Bewley's Earl Grey is fruity, light and aromatic in flavor. Bewley's Earl Grey is available in a box of 25 individually wrapped bags, which are wrapped in a gray packet with a string and tag.

Bewley's Darjeeling brews light in color and has a floral and fragrant flavor. Darjeeling is known as the champagne of teas. Bewley's Darjeeling is available in a box of 25 individually wrapped bags, which are wrapped in a red packet with a string and tag.

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