Tea Of The Month Club

As consumers become more familiar with the wonderful world of loose leaf tea, a unique program has been developed by tea suppliers that offer the full breadth of tea product options
A Tea of the Month Club is the perfect way to sample a variety of teas for yourself or for a gift. A tea selection will be made each month for the consumer and will be sent to your door. The selections are often made from high quality white, black, oolong, green and flavored teas.

Some tea suppliers offer Tea of The Month Club gift cards and these are also unique and ideal gift items particularly at holiday time.

An Example of a Tea of The Month Club

A sample Tea of the Month program schedule may include the following teas:

Month 1: Coconut Pouchong
Month 2: Vanilla Jasmine
Month 3: Moroccan Mint
Month 4: Sinharaja
Month 5: Tippy Earl Grey
Month 6: Temple of Heaven Gunpowder
Month 7: Honey Pear
Month 8: French Breakfast
Month 9: Kashmiri Chai
Month 10: Organic Green Tea
Month 11: Rose
Month 12: White Persian Melon

Each month a fresh selection of tea will be delivered and the consumer can develop their best choices of a broad range of teas. There is no better way to be introduced to the world of tea.

How Long Does the Tea of The Month Club Last?

Often, the consumer has the option to choose a six month or twelve month club. A small number of loose leaf tea suppliers also offer longer subscriptions.

Some suppliers provide the option of recurring subscriptions. For those wishing a longer subscription, the consumer can simply choose the twelve month option and choose the Auto Recurring option in the shopping cart and the club will automatically renew allowing uninterrupted service until the choice is made to cancel the program.

The Importance of Fast and Accurate Delivery

Because a Tea of the Month Club is essentially a subscription service, look for a supplier who has thought through the mechanics of automatic delivery of different types of tea. Since most Tea of The Month Clubs are e-commerce (web) based, chose a supplier that offers a number of choices on an easy to use e-commerce site and provides fast, accurate delivery using a reliable delivery service.

Packaging is Important

Packaging is an important consideration when choosing a Tea of The Month Club. The best suppliers offer attractive, re-sealable packaging and ship products using high quality, safe packaging materials. Cheap packing materials like shredded newspaper containing harmful inks and other substances should be avoided for health reasons,

Re-sealable packaging ensures freshness for a long period and safe packaging protects small children and pets from harm.

It Is All About Tea Quality

A Tea of the Month Club subscription is a wonderful way to explore the world of high quality loose leaf tea but no matter how convenient the club is, the quality of the tea is paramount in ensuring a truly great tea experience. Choose a supplier with a reputation for providing a quality product with a commitment to a culture of quality.

Some suppliers cup individual shipments to ensure quality and solicit feedback from their customers through interactive features on their websites. These suppliers consider the needs of their customer base as top priority.

A Tea of The Moth Club subscription can be an ideal way to learn about the wonderful world of loose leaf tea but be sure to choose a supplier with a reputation for providing customer satisfaction.

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