The Wholesome Experience With Numi Tea

Numi tea is a part of the Numi company founded in 1999. Much of the company's policy and set up has to do with a deep respect for the environment, leading to one of the first globally sustainable and environmentally responsible tea companies. Every step of the process, from the farmers end to the packaging, is done in such a way as to promote responsible action and sustainable development, and every opportunity is used to make use of eco-friendly material and product ingredients which are free of any artificial component, flavoring or oils.

The difference of Numi tea is found in every cup. Numi uses no artificial flavors or oils in its components, and makes sure that only natural methods are used to provide the best blends of tea and teasans. Numi also supplies only full tea leaves, even in its tea bags, ensuring that the highest quality tea is thus marketed, as opposed to dust and fannings which often constitutes the contents of teabags or even loose crumbled tea. Loose leaf tea retains as much as possible of the inherent benefits of tea, such as high antioxidant content, and the taste of the tea variety is not compromised in any way as it retains the flavor and body associated with brewed tea leaves. Such careful processing and packaging also ensures that the best of the tea is released when it is brewed. This exacting process and attention to the packing seals in all the benefits of Numi tea, thus enabling the tea to help in a wide variety of health benefits. Among these benefits are such positive results as improved cardiovascular health and less risk of stroke, reduction of bad cholesterol, promoting oral health, arthritis relief, immunity booster, diuretic and kidney-helping properties, and reduced risk of osteoporosis in women.

Numi tea uses biodegradable material as much as possible, for example in the natural filter paper used for making their tea bags. The tea bags are recyclable and are oxygen bleached as opposed to chlorine bleach, thus reducing the use of chemicals. This can be an important aspect for many tea drinkers who experience allergies to chlorine and other cleansing agents that are widely used with the processing of the bags proper.

Numi tea is sourced directly from tea growers worldwide, and is guaranteed organic, Kosher, and Halal. Numi also uses only real ingredients in its teas and teasans, and makes no use whatsoever of natural flavorings or oils. Pure herbs are used for teasans.

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