Total Change Program Teaching People How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off ... for Good -

If you’re one of the estimated 60 percent of Americans who are overweight, you know the massive struggle
involved with shedding excess pounds. In all likelihood, you’ve watched the scale yo-yo up and down over
the years as diet after diet has provided only a very temporary fix to your dilemma. Now you can get off that
bouncing pogo stick and enjoy permanent weight loss with the Total Change program.
Designed by, the program has enjoyed a 100-percent success rate with its clients.
Individuals who want to put an end to their weight issues once and for all can sign up for the Total Change
program online at
What sets the Total Change program apart from other weight-loss systems is its metabolism-boosting approach.
Devised by a 10-year veteran of the weight-loss industry, Total Change has helped hundreds of overweight individuals
achieve their weight-loss goals. Adherents to the program find that they burn fat 24 hours a day – without
starving themselves. In fact, many of Total Change’s success stories boast that they now eat more food than they
ever did before.
The Total Change program has enjoyed such a flawless success streak that offers all
registrants an unconditional guarantee. If at the end of their consultation, participants are displeased with the
results they’ve achieved, they will receive 100 percent of their money back. With fitness author Wendy Oliver-Pyatt,
M.D., estimating that between 95 and 98 percent of all dieters will fail to keep the weight they lose off
permanently, the value in this promise in immeasurable.
To accommodate participants regardless of their location, the Total Change program is offered in a variety of
formats. The Do It Yourself package will appeal to the self-motivated and self-paced while those seeking a bit
more moral support may want to opt for the 17-week phone coaching or group classes. Customized “Special Request”
packages are also available for those desiring one-on-one treatment. No matter which format a subscriber chooses,
however, he or she will be treated to the same personalized attention and money-back guarantee.
One of Total Change’s success stories credits the program for transforming her life: “The results I’ve achieved
using TK Fitness Solutions are so much better than I ever expected. Not only have I lost weight … but the best
part came when I went to my doctor’s office. My cholesterol dropped more than 10 percent.”
For more information on how you can stop the yo-yo dieting madness for good, contact Tom Kelly at 630-850-7260. To
take advantage of’s unconditional money-back guarantee, visit the company
online at

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