Traditional Benefits Of Chinese Green Tea

There are but a few herbs with a more impressive history than Chinese green tea. Dating back more than 4,000 years, Chinese green tea has long been revered as a tasty drink that can ward off diseases and improve a person's well-being.

Since the first recorded use during the time of Emperor Shen Nung, the relationship between Chinese green tea and good health has never been severed. Today, further studies are made to test the benefits of this remarkable health elixir

Traditional Health Benefits of Chinese Green Tea

According to tradition, Chinese green tea could cure anything from headaches, body aches, and pains to constipation and depression. Over the centuries, further health claims have been made on account of Chinese green tea.

Chinese green tea is said to increase the blood flow throughout the body. Because green tea contains a little caffeine, ingesting this drink stimulates the heart and allows the blood to flow more freely through the blood vessels. For the same reason that green tea stimulates blood flow, it also stimulates mental clarity.

Chinese green tea detoxifies the body. The presence of polyphenols, a naturally occurring antioxidant in green tea, is said to combat harmful free radicals and help keep the body free from diseases. In this respect, green tea helps maintain the overall well-being of the body. Antioxidants in green tea can boost immunity, preserve young-looking skin, and brighten the eyes.

Chinese green tea aids in digestion and banishes fatigue. Chinese green tea is also said to prolong the lifespan.

For many years, men of science remained skeptical about the health claims made by green tea enthusiasts. Their doubt was changed to a more positive reception when subsequent researchers proved the disease-preventing attributes of green tea and confirmed most of the health claims.

Chinese Diet Green Tea and the Heart

Many studies have shown that drinking green tea and eating polyphenol-rich foods reduces the risk of heart complications. Drinking Chinese green tea also helps to strengthen the blood vessels that provide oxygen and valuable nutrients to the heart and brain. It has been shown that men who drink green tea are 75 percent less likely to suffer from a stroke than those who don’t drink green tea.

Chinese green tea can help to lower total cholesterol levels and improve the ratio between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol. Study shows that men who drink nine or more cups of green tea daily have lower cholesterol levels than those who drink fewer than two cups.

Chinese Diet Green Tea and Longevity

The role of Chinese green tea in promoting longevity has been investigated upon by many researchers. They found the premise of their study on observing that Japanese women who are greater-than-average green tea drinkers, have lower mortality rates than others. This led the researchers to believe that green tea has "a protective factor against premature death."

The polyphenols found in Chinese green tea may be the reason. With its high amount of polyphenols, green tea seems to have a stimulating effect on the immune system. Stronger immune system as a result of drinking green tea helps reduce risks of acquiring any illnesses.

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