Types of white tea

Types of white tea

White tea has been proclaimed by many health gurus as the ultimate health tea. This is because white tea contains more nutrients than any other teas (including green tea and black tea), thanks to its minimal processing. Made of beautiful silver buds and selected leaves that have been baked dry, white tea has delicate and slightly sweet flavor that awakens your senses. The light taste does not overwhelm your tongue and the tea itself has very little caffeine, making it an excellent choice for those who want to reduce their caffeine intake.
There are four types of white tea:

Silver needle
Silver needle is no doubt the finest white tea as it is made only of silvery white buds. This rare, unique, and beautiful tea is the most popular white tea and is delightful to drink.

White peony
White peony comes second in quality and taste, as it consists of buds and leaves. The taste is stronger and it has darker color.

Long life eyebrow
Long Life Eyebrow is made using a mix of naturally withered tips and upper leaves. It has a stronger flavor (often compared to a light Oolong tea) than the other delicate white teas.

Tribute Eyebrow
Tribute eyebrow is considered a lower grade white tea because it is processed more than the silver needle and white peony teas. It has a very earthy taste and is sometimes served with Dim Sum.

As every variety of white tea has something different to offer I encourage you to try all four and find your favorite. You can buy the sample pack that contains all four types at a low price. Fruits can be a great addition as they add extra sweetness to the flavor.

I have always loved green tea mainly because of its health benefits. In fact, I make it a must to drink at least two cups (and I am not talking about tea cups here) of green tea every day. Then I read about white tea and all its health benefits, not to mention its delicate taste and sweet aroma, and now I cannot wait to drink my last cup of green tea so that I can start buying white tea and increase my antioxidant levels even more (yes, I am a health freak!).

The white tea history dates back as far as the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907AD) and it soon became the royal court choice during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The tea, whose leaves and buds were ground into silvery powder, was served during the famous Song Tea Ceremony and given as a tribute to the emperor. It was a favorite among the emperors, including Hui Zong (1101-1125), who became obsessed with finding the perfect tea. In 1885, specific varieties of tea plants were selected to make white teas and in 1891 China started exporting these fine teas. Today, white teas are consumed and enjoyed by people around the world.

The main reason for drinking white tea, however, should be the health benefits it offers. White tea is packed with antioxidants, which protect your body from damage by free radicals by neutralizing them. Free radicals are one of your body’s enemies as they can damage DNA and accelerate aging. Other than that, white tea can prevent many different types of cancers, including colon, prostate, and stomach cancers. Studies also suggest that white tea can lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, and help maintain a healthy one. Drinking two cups of white tea per day will decrease your chance of dying from heart attack by 50%. And lastly, with regular drinking of white tea you will have stronger bones, healthy teeth and gums, and healthy skin.

Great taste, check; health benefits, check; so, what are you waiting for? Go buy your white teas today (make sure they are high-quality loose-leaf teas and originated from China’s Fujian province) and enjoy all the goodness it offers.

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