5 Awesome Wines For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it is time to consider what will be served. For some, the traditional turkey dinner is a family tradition. For others, goose or duck are a nice variation. Still others prefer beef or a nice, spiral cut ham. Regardless of your preference for your main dish, it is important to select a suitable wine to enhance the flavors. This article will offer some suggestions for types of wines to be considered.

Let us start with a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Assuming you are going to roast your turkey, a light delicate wine is in order. Generally, you will find more white wines in this category. Good choices might include a white Savennieres from France, or a pinot grigio from Italy. Oregon produces a wonderful pinot gris as well. You may want to select a nice sauvignon blanc to balance the herbal flavor of your stuffing.

Should your main dish be a duck or goose, which are more fatty, a wine that is acidic would do quite nicely. Recently, South Africa has produced a wonderful pinotage. Fot the more traditional approach, go with a sangiovese or a white burgundy from France. These wines strike a wonderful balance with the fattier flesh!

Some people prepare poultry dishes with spicey sauces. To complement spicey dishes, the Alsace region of France produces a delightful slightly dry pinot blanc as wll as red Burgundies. From the U.S., pinot noir is a great choice!

Should your main course be beef, say, a hearty standing rib roast, try a "in your face" smoky wine. A Barolo or a Barbaresco are good choices. Many people will also serve a bold, California cabernet with a luscious cut of prime rib! The '"rule of thumb"is that one should select a less complex wine to go with a complex sauce. Assuming, of course, you are serving your beef with a sauce. A nice grenache or a Spanish Rioja are terrific with beef as well!

These wine suggestions are to be taken with a "grain of salt."Ultimately, one should always choose wines that they like. Your taste buds are always the winner!!

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