A Wine Gift Basket: The Perfect Gift for Somebody Special

Wine gift baskets are more than just wine; they also contain a fine combination of accompanying foods with the wine. They make wonderful gifts for just about anyone. So, if you're trying to pick a way to present a nice Port or Bordeaux, consider using a wine gift basket.

There are many great options to consider when you are having a wine gift basket made up for someone. You can have nuts included, tasty cookies, chocolates, fresh fruits, and a whole lot more. No doubt the tasty treats and the wine will make a great impression.

A wine gift basket may hold just the vintage you've been seeking. Everything from a creative Cabernet to a zingy Zinfandel can be found nestled among a dozen other delightful treats. A wine gift basket can hold that precious Syrah you've been dying for months to try. Or the centerpiece may be a quirky new Gewrztraminer you heard about at a party yesterday.

You'll find that wine gift baskets come with a variety of different bottle sizes. Some come with large bottles of champagne, while others may come in mini samples. You could consider a basket that is full of several small samples of different wines or you may want to consider several bottles of a favorite wine for someone you love. Even a giant wine bottle may be just what you want to give someone, and it will make a great centerpiece as well in the basket.

Of course the wine is just the start of a great basket. You'll find a variety of other great items in a wine gift basket as well. Chocolates go wonderfully with a sweet Sangria. Perhaps you'll find truffles and gourmet crackers. With a nice Chardonnay, dried fruits are often a great choice as well.

For an extra special feast for a 21st birthday, a wedding or a unique anniversary gift, you can also get a wine gift basket with deluxe sparkling wines or champagne and a gourmet selection of cheese, nuts, chocolate and other delicacies.

Even the container itself is part of a great wine gift basket offering. It can be a traditional dark wicker that reminds you of old Italy. Or it can be a contemporary computer age metal. You may like a sentimental porcelain, or you could go for an all-business gray made from Stealth jet composite plastics. The designs are endless.

Wine gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion. An anniversary is the perfect time to deliver a great vintage. Celebrate with a glass while you munch on a gourmet cracker. There's no better time than a promotion at work to deliver that great Rose partnered with a fine garlic bread stick.

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or even a corporate event, you'll find that a wine gift basket is a wonderful idea. Everyone will appreciate it, and it will be a gift that they remember for a long time.

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