A Wine Tour, When Can You Go?

Wine tours, you can spend a whole holiday touring the wineries and vineyards or take a day, lunch or afternoon tour. There are many options for you to choose but you can be assured you will have a very enjoyable time and it will be a great learning experience.

If you are fortunate enough to live near a wine producing area, then the day tours will probably suit you. If not, why now plan a holiday to one of the wine areas, you will learn a lot, meet new people and generally have a great time.

Your local travel agent will be able to help you with what is available and you may be surprised at how many areas that no one would have thought to grow wine grapes years ago that are now producing some wonderful wines.

There are companies who specialize in wine tours, why not investigate your local area, there can be pockets of boutique wineries and a day or afternoon tour will get you to several vineyards to sample their wines. Often times these smaller vineyards will have some very lovely wines to add to your cellar, wines that are never seen in the stores or even restaurants.

The beauty of going to these smaller cellar doors is often times the winemaker is there to meet and greet you and is only too happy to share some (of course, not all ) of his winemaking tips. If you are into winemaking then this is a fantastic opportunity.

One of the best aspects of a wine tour is you are driven, you can sample the wines and not have to worry about driving your car.

With the wine tours, you will have a guide who knows the area well, knows about each winery, will have your lunch, afternoon tea or dinner organized. You can be collected from your accommodation and returned at the end of the day.

The wine tour doesn't just include your lunch or dinner but it will be wonderful gourmet food and of course, the correct wines to go with the this great tasting food. .This way, not only do you get to taste wonderful wines but you will learn what wine to serve with what food and what course.

The wine producing country is always picturesque. The vineyards are beautifully landscaped, normally in keeping with the buildings. The eating areas can be anything from high class restaurants to great rustic courtyards or country charm verandahs overlooking the surrounding countryside with the grape vines extending as far you can see.

On most wine tours you will be able to wander through the vines and see first hand the growing of the grapes, a walk through the wine storage areas, see the huge wine casks with the wine at various stages of production.

You will see the difference between a traditional and a modern winery. The modern winery is all clinical and spotless whereas the traditional is oak barrels of all sizes, earth floors and a wonderful aroma. You can compare the difference in the wines that come from each style of production. Most smaller wineries will have the more traditional set up but a larger winery will more often that not, have the modern system because of the production necessary to supply the amount of wine needed.

Ask your wine tour company if there is a special time for Opera Under The Stars. Some wine producing areas have a special weekend where they host an opera company in their vineyard. It is a wonderful time and well worth including in your holiday if possible. If you are fortunate enough to live near one of these vineyards then set aside that week-end for your wine tour, you will really have a grand time,

There are so many options for a wine tour. If you enjoy good company, beautiful surroundings, gourmet food, being treated to some amazing experiences, learning about a new area, learning about how wine is produced, increasing your wine cellar and above all tasting some great wines then start organizing your wine tour right now and go have a good time.

Wine Tour

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