Australian Chardonnay Wines From The Land Down Under!

If you are searching for an fabulous wines at great values, then you must give Australian Wines a try. Australia produces great quality wines at a price that won't break your wine budget.
Wine production started in Australia around mid 19th century, but it has been within the last 30 years that Australia's wine region has developed into quite a noticeable producer of quality wine. The country has grown to produce a variety of great wine choices in both the white and red wine categories.
Australia boost a climate very similar to the climate regions of California, so it is of no surprise that much of their product is very similar to the types of wines that are produced in the California region.
Of course, Australia with its own personality does produce several distinctive varieties that are unique to its country. By now, you have probably sampled a Shiraz or Syrah, a delightful tasting wine, but you might not have heard about the Durif. The Durif is a lesser known Australian wine that definitely should be sampled. The Durif originated in the Rhone Valley, in France but, Australia produces an excellent quality Durif as well. This type of wine is well suited to Australia's geographical climate. The Durif has also been called a "Petite Syrah." If you have not tried this wine, I whole heartedly recommend you do, as it has an intense color and a lovely flavor.
Rutherglen, located in Victoria has become a very popular area for producing excellent Australian wines. There are 17 wineries located within a short driving distance from the center of town. Rutherglen produces fabulous sparkling red wines, along with Muscats, Ports and Tokay's. Rutherglen has become known the world over for the quality of wine from that region.
Pyrenees - Victoria, Australia Victoria also claims fame to another region that produces world-class wine, and that is the Pyrenees located in central Victoria. This region hosts over 30 vineyards producing over twenty-five different varieties of wine - from Merlot's, to Pinot Noir's, to Shiraz, as well as Chardonnay's, Sauvignon Blanc's and many others.
Located just south-east of Melbourne is Mornington Peninsula. This particular area has over 60 wineries in the area primarily producing small lots of high-quality Australian wines. It once sported large apple orchards, but the apple orchards are being replaced with wine vineyards. If you are looking to try a great Australian Pino Noir, look for one that was produced from this area.
McLaren Vale - Southern, Australia McLaren Vale is located in South Australia consists of small wineries primarily run by families and small business owners. Vineyards planted one hundred years ago still produce great tasting grapes for wine harvest. The soil and the climate work well together to produce excellent wine. McLaren Vale has a Mediterranean climate with a very dry summer. It has the perfect weather with long hot days and cool nights with little frost, providing an excellent climate, perfect for producing some of the best tasting Shiraz's in the world. Special recognition has been given to this area as one of the outstanding producer of Shiraz. Berries harvested are smaller and have a more complicated and intense wine. Shiraz is just one of the excellent products produced from this region but other wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache also have great reputations for both excellent taste and quality. The Grenache grows exceptionally well in this geographical region and can rival the Grenache grown in Spain.
Clare Valley - Southern Australia The Clare Valley located in South Australia is one of oldest and most beautiful scenic region to travel. It was established by the English and Irish settlers in the 1840's, so much of the architecture is a reflection of those early inhabitants. It has a continental climate with hot summer days and cool nights. This area is known for producing excellent quality Cabernet Sauvignon's and Shiraz. It has also produced an award-winning Riesling.
Since the early 1970's, Australia has grown to become the largest exporter of wine to the United Kingdom and it has fought and won the reputation as one of the finest world producers of quality wine. If you have not had a chance to try wines from Australia, take a look at these types of Australian wines listed and the regions in which they come from on your next wine buying trip. I am sure you will experience an excellent wine at a great wine value.

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