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Besides the Golden Gate Bridge and other sophisticated neighborhoods, San Francisco has a lot to boast of as a hot tourist destination spot. History, art, culture and wine are the main attractions of this enchanting city, making it elegantly quaint and beautiful. Dull moments and dreary days are few and far between, and there are plenty of fun-filled activities for one to do here. If you wish to fill your days with spectacular culinary delights, then this whirling, spiraling, energy hub that is San Francisco will come as a blessing to you. Apart from the world famous Alcatraz and the modern day Silicon Valley, Bay Area of California is home to some of the most famous private winery tours and wine tasting operators.

Since wine tasting features sampling and tasting of different wine varietals, tourists are often encouraged to pop open a bottle of their favorite wine while on a private tour. Yes, it is a fabulous experience to sip on fine vintages while strolling through blossoming vineyards, but lack of appropriate knowledge about wine tours might prove to be a serious drawback, as precious moments are lost in trying to decide where to go next. Hence, before you go on a private wine tour to the Bay Area, it is wise to follow up on the various Bay Area wine touring packages that are usually available. What is more, Bay Area wine tours and packages are even available on the Internet at highly discounted rates.

The Bay Area wine tours include some of Californias finest, most popular wine-cultivating regions. A typical Bay Area private winery tour would include a limousine ride, in which you would get at least six to eight hours of touring time. You get to select a specific destination with your team or loved ones, and you are then chauffeured all over the countryside, from one beautiful destination to another in a stretch limousine. From driving by fantastic hills and into spectacular valleys, you start off your tour with some complimentary champagne.

In addition, you also get free expert tips and advice at any new age winemaking facility, and you also get the chance to visit four or five different wineries. Starting from San Francisco, the tour generally heads into Presidio and then on to Marina Districts, before it crosses over the Golden Gate Bridge. While passing through the breathtaking countryside of Marin County, the Bay Area tour will then pass through the wine country that is located near the southern part of Carneros, south of Sonoma County.

The tour will allow you to visit four or five wineries in either Sonoma County or Napa Valley, and it also features a much smaller boutique winery and a mass wine production outlet. The Bay Area winery tours are both creative and fun-filled, and the most popular wineries are: Viansa, Mumms, Domaine Chandon, Benziger, Niebaum Coppola, Homewood, Cline, and Roche. Besides these, any special requests are also permitted.

There are 6 predominant wine varietals in California. Of the red wines, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot are the most famous. Of the white wines, the Sauvignon Blanc and the Chardonnay are the most popular. Along with these varieties, there are plenty of other kinds of wine that can tantalize your taste buds. Bay Area winery tours will provide you with interesting insights on the process of making wine, and what the right way is to taste wine. These tours inform guests about the annual wine celebrations and festivals that are largely associated with processing and harvesting wine. So, if you are in Bay Area at the right time, you should probably consider taking some time off for a private winery tour.

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