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Ensure that you are familiar with your regional, state, provincial, legal requirements for import/export, duties and if it is legal to order, ship, receive these goods. Customs and declaration forms, permits and more have to be sorted out as well, applicable taxes paid and such to ensure that the transaction will go smoothly start to finish.

The internet has made it possible to buy anything online, including bottles of wine. Selecting a bottle of wine online is very similar to how you would select a bottle if you were to walk into your local retail store. The one primary difference that you will need to review before getting excited about your online wine purchase possibility is to determine whether your state allows for the receipt of wine to your doorstep!

Step 1-
Search online for wine retailers who offer shipping to your state. You can use your search engine to type in "online wine stores in X". Browse through the extensive list and evaluate several of them for their selection, shipping prices and return policies. Online stores vary greatly in cost and in selection. If you are looking for something in particular, type in your search engine that exact name and a selection of stores will pop up.

Step 2-
Search on the site that you have selected for the wine type that you would like. Choose white, red, sparking or champagne. Most online retailers have an easy sort function to make this process simple.

Step 3-
Choose the wine style that you are interested in. Do you want a bold white wine like a Chardonnay? Do you want a sweet white wine like a Riesling? Do you want a bold red like a Cabernet? Or, do you want a common red like a Merlot? You can also search by geographic region. Do you want a wine from Spain, Oregon, California, France or South Africa? Use the search function on the site to help you search and browse through the wines.

Step 4-
Locate your budget within the wine list. Sort by price and read the ratings and descriptions of the style, type and regions of wine that match your search requirements. If you are trying something new and it is to be consumed as a drinking wine, choose something in the low to mid range. Each region and each type of wine has a unique taste. For example, you might buy a $10 Pinot Noir, decide you love it, and then start to purchase the $50-70 per bottle selections. There are wines for every budget, so don’t feel shy about whatever your price point is.

Step 5-
Place your order using their secure online payment options and then mark your calendar for when you can expect to receive your order.

That is it! It is quick and easy to have your wine delivered right to your front step. You can buy any wine that you have had in your favorite restaurant or that you have seen in your favorite local store with the click of your mouse and from the comfort of your own home.

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