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For some reason, wine tastes almost sweeter when we know the history and culture of the vineyards from which the wine originated. When entertaining, it is wonderful to have a story about the evening's finery to share with your guests as you pour the wines into their glasses around the table.

The Bargetto Winery began in 1918 when Italian immigrant brothers Filippo and Giovanni Bargetto purchased the Santa Cruz ranch that is still known today as the Bargetto Winery. Through choice and circumstance, certain members of each generation devote their working lives to advancing the business. Each of them built on to what the parent generation achieved.

Today, Bargetto produces 40,000 cases a year, is the third largest vineyard in Santa Cruz and produces more different varietals than other wine makers in the area. The winery produces Chardonnay, two Merlots, two Pinot Noirs, Pinot Grigio, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and Refosco. Santa Cruz is known for producing smaller amounts of exquisitely good wine -- the climate is cool because of its proximity to the ocean, and the mountains nearby, offering the distinctiveness of mountain grapes to the vineyard's produce.

While Cabernet and Merlot are both planted in Santa Cruz, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir do especially well. Pinot is a variety that does not do well everywhere, but it does grows exceptionally well in the Santa Cruz region.

The Bargetto Winery began to produce Pinot Grigio about three years ago, and quickly became one of the vineyard's number one sellers. Bargetto isn't focused on producing an Italian Pinot Grigio or a French Pinot Gris, but instead making a California wine of its own style -- a California Pinot Grigio. The unique taste is a result of picking the grapes ripe -- producing an alcohol content approaching 13.5%. Though their goal isn't specifically to produce a high alcohol content wine, the flavor and fruitier style of wine is a style that appeals to American wine drinkers.

Among wine connoisseur's favorites is the vineyard's high-end blend, our proprietary blend, called La Vita, recently won a Best Of Class award. The wine is a blend of three northern Italian varieties, reds that Bargetto grows in its vineyard. Dolcetto is the most important, then 'Nebbiolo, and Refosco.'

20 years ago, Bargetto was a California distributed winery that today has grown to become a nationally distributed winery. The winery now does more exporting than ever in its history, mainly to Mexico and Canada.

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