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Wine glasses, or stemware as they are known in the industry, are the natural extensions of wine. While wine can be enjoyed in any shape or size of container from a coffee mug to a crystal wine glass, the top stemware manufacturers insist that there is a science to capturing the best color, bouquet and taste of wine.

Before getting into the actual styles of glassware there are two important points to remember when choosing the right glass:

1) It is better to choose a plain, clear glass; this will allow you to analyze and appreciate the wines color, intensity, and clarity giving you clues about the wines age and quality.

2) The size of the glass should be large enough that a serving only fills the bottom half of the glass. This will allow you to "nose" through the layers of the wine and will give you enough space for an adequate swirl without spilling your wine.

Stemware is available in a variety of styles and fashions, but most wine drinkers will choose a generic tulip shaped glass that suits all varieties of wine and this is okay. However, stemware is designed to support the greatest palates, and the different shapes and styles force your head position to change directing the wine to different parts of your mouth.

Red Wine
Generally red wine is served in taller and wider glasses allowing for the complexity of these wines. There are two general types of glasses used for red wines:

Bordeaux Glasses
•tall glasses with wide bowls that allow the wine to breath
•designed for rich full body reds like cabernet and merlot
•direct the wine to the back of the mouth for maximum flavor

Burgundy Glasses
•a larger bowl than the Bordeaux glass
•great for wines like burgundy and pinot noir
•directs the wine to the tip of the tongue to bring out the sweetness in the wine

White Wine
White wine glasses are generally smaller than red wine glasses in order to keep the wine cold. The main type of white wine glasses is:

Chardonnay Glasses
•are usually tall with a subtle bowl to keep the wine cold
•used for most white wines
•directs wine to the rear and sides of the mouth bringing out the wines bolder flavors
Champagne Glasses
•designed tall and thin to prolong the vivacity of the bubbles
•the narrow opening magnifies the scent which is predominately on the surface of the liquid

There are many other specialty styles and shapes to choose from and lots of designs for other liqueurs and spirits. The styles listed above will give you a great starting point for your wine collection and make you look like a wine aficionado.

Aside from increasing your collection stemware makes a great gift for friends and family and is always a nice treat to bring the hostess of a dinner party in appreciation for all of their work!

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