Different Types Of Wine

There is a very large variety of different types of wine and in order to really enjoy your wine selection it is necessary to know more than what type of wine goes with red meat and what type of wine goes with fish. It is important to select the correct type of wine that will augment the flavor of the meal instead of clashing with it. The properly selected wine will clean and refresh the pallet which will allow the flavor of the meal to be as enjoyable from the first bite to the last. The correct wine will support and not overpower the flavor of your meal.

Types of Wine.

Wines come in two major categories Red and White, but each category will have many sub categories. Many gourmands will argue that red wines can only be served with red meats and exotics such as ostrich and emus and white wines should only be paired with fish, poultry, roast pork, and deserts. Several hundred year ago this may have been true but with all of the new vineyards and the hundreds of wine processing techniques available today Who is to say what is right and wrong, as long as the particular food and wine pairing provides a pleasant dining experience.

The variety grapes uses in the wine making process determines the basic type of wine produced. Some grapes are very hardy and will grow almost anywhere and in any type of climate. Others are so sensitive that they are grown only is specific regions of the world. All grapes can have good years and bad years and it will have a large impact on the quality and availability of a specific type of wine in any given year. Even a novice wine drinker with an untrained pallet can tell the difference in the quality of a wine when tasted side by side.


Barber is mostly grown in warm coastal regions and is commonly grown in Italy’s Piedmont region and has been imported to the Unite States sometime in the late 19Th century. Wines made from the Barber grape tend to have a lively cherry flavor and a high acidity content. The wines usually have a very deep, intense red color.

Cabernet Sauvigon

Usually grown in cooler and damper climates such as the Loire region of Southwest France, Long Island and Northern California in the United States. The Cabernet grapes produce wines that have a deep purple color and a herb like aroma. One of the best known wine producing grapes in the world and it produces a very consistent and recognizable flavor.


The Chardonnay grape has become very popular in recent years and it produces one of the finest white Burgundy wines in the world. Known for it mid-season ripening and versatility it can be grown in all of the wine producing regions of the world.


Riesling grapes is also grown in the cooler temperate regions of Europe. It can product a white dry wine that has a flowery and fruity flavor with a high acid and low alcohol content.


The Sangiovese grapes is grown almost exclusively in the Tuscany region of Italy and it produces a dark red wine with a cherry or plum like flavors and aromas. Recently is has been imported into California but the vine takes several years of aging to reach its peak flavor.

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