Different Types Of Wine Decanter

Adding a wine decanter to your wine bar area will add depth and class to wine drinking. Wine decanters not only make red wines taste better, but they offer a very attractive vessel from which to serve wine to your visitors.

A decanter is a type of vessel that is used for holding decantation results. Decantation is the process where liquid from another vessel is poured into the decanter in order to separate a small volume of liquid that contains sediment from a larger volume of relatively clear liquid. In the process of decantation, the sediment is left in the original vessel and the clear liquid is transferred to the decanter.

Wine is a type of liquid that often must be decanted in order to remove excess sediment. All red wines, particularly young red wines, benefit from the oxygenation that takes place during the decantation process. An optimal decanting process involves trickling the wine down the walls of a decanter, which imparts fuller flavor while removing the unpleasant edge of the wine.

Most wine decanters are ornate and tall containers that are made to be very attractive vessels from which to serve wine. Wine decanters may come with a stoppered lid. Additionally, some wine decanters come with a built in rod that aids the decanting process.

Most wine decanters have a very upright and tall shape and are made of glass so that the process of decanting may be seen. One of the most popular materials to make glass wine decanters from is lead crystal. It should be noted, however, that lead crystal is no longer recommended for use in decanters, as the lead tends to seep into the liquid contained within the vessel.

Lead crystal is created by adding lead oxide to molten glass. This lead glass is manufactured because it increases the index of refraction over that of normal glass. This means that lead crystal has a much more 'sparkly' appearance than regular glass.

Though many people still use lead crystal decanters, I long ago gave mine away and have since switched to regular glass decanters, to avoid lead poisoning. If you think about it, most people have the same liquid sitting against the lead crystal for years at a time -plenty of time to absorb more than a healthy amount of lead, in my opinion.

Popular makers of lead crystal decanters are Waterford Crystal, Steuben Crystal, Baccarat Crystal and Steuben Crystal. These manufacturers of fine lead crystal decanters and other items have perfected the art of stunning lead crystal designs. If you opt to go with a traditional lead crystal decanter for your wine or liquor, I'd go with one of the tried and tested lead crystal manufacturers.

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