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Mourvedre grapes are mainly grown along the coastlines of France and Spain. In France the grape is called the Mourvedre, while in Spain it is called the Monastrell. Wines under either of these names come from the same type of grapes.

These grapes are grown in other countries of the world and have different names where they also have different names. In Portugal and North America, they are known as the Mataro and even in parts of France they go by the name of Estrangle-Chien. Because this grape is low in pigment, it is often used to lighten the harsh taste of some red wines, much like a Malbec does.

The Mourvedre grape requires warm temperatures. It takes a long time to ripen and therefore requires a long growing season. Along with lots of warmth, the grapes need a lot of water, but high humidity can be dangerous to their growth.

Because these grapes are small and grow in clusters, when they are exposed to high levels of humidity, they can rot a lot faster than most other types of grapes. It takes a lot of work to grow them in a vineyard because of the constant pruning needed to make sure the grapes get the exposure to the air that they need.

Mourvedre wines are high in alcohol content and the taste varies because it depends on the area in which it is produced. However, these red wines generally have a fruity and earthy flavor. In France, this grape is mainly used in the production of blended wines, especially in the production of Grenache. The spicy, fruity taste leaves a soft taste in your mouth.

You will get a distinct taste of vanilla and blackberry. The wines made from this grape become more complex and better tasting the longer they age. The California Mourvedre wines are tannic and full bodied. There are about 500 acres of this grape variety in California, the most notable of which is the Mount Veeder region.

The deep red coloring of Mourvedre wines is very striking. The earthy scent is very strong, so much so that you may even think that the wine has spoiled in the bottle, but this is not so. The flavors tend to dissolve in the strong aroma the longer they age.

Even though it is bottled and sold as a separate wine, it is greatly enhanced by the addition of the fruity taste of Grenache or the spice and tannin of Syrah. This wine goes well with meat and poultry dishes, as well as those containing mushrooms and root vegetables.

One of the best Mourvedre wines is that of the Spanish wine, Juan Gil, which is 100% Mourvedre. The low yields of the grapes used in this wine are grown in chalky soils made up of limestone and rock. The wine has a rich, vibrant color and an excellent blend of earthy flavours and fruity taste. This wine will last three or four years when left in the bottle, unopened of course.

When searching for the wines you want to serve at various events and with certain meals, you will find what you need when you search online. You don`t have to travel throughout the country visiting wineries that produce Mourvedre wines. You are able to place an order online and receive your delivery at your door.

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