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If you are interested in establishing your own vineyard, whether big or small, you will need the necessary vineyard supplies for the best harvesting. You will want to research grow tubes, pruning and picking shears, trellising and wildlife control. There is a lot to consider and a lot of work, but in the end you can certainly enjoy the many rewards with your very own wine tasting celebration.

Vineyard Supplies for the Wine Grape Grower

Grow tubes are an especially important hardware supply for new vineyards or for replacement vines in established vineyards. With the proper utilization of grow tubes, a vineyard can be in full production up to a whole year earlier than expected. Grow tubes are available in square, triangular and round shapes, as well as in several different heights, diameters and colors. Round or triangular tubes are better in windy areas, while square tubes do not offer as much wind resistance. Round tubes also have a greater cross-sectional area for plant growth, which seems to be more important in hotter climates. Grow tubes should be applied when there are at least two fully expanded leaves in hot climates; or in cooler climates the tubes can simply be placed on dormant plants.

Then there are hand pruning considerations, which tend to be a large expense in vineyard operations. However, in a small private vineyard, researching available vineyard supplies will put the right shears in your hands for proper pruning and rewards. Remember that insufficient tools can lead to tired hands and wrists, and poor quality hand shears can be a big issue. Also, hand pruning shears that are too small or too big for a worker’s hands can be another contributor to difficult pruning.

You will likely need to know how to construct a vineyard trellis. Several companies offer vineyard trellising supplies such as metal stakes, posts, cross-arms and braces. Seek assistance from a company that has been established for years, yet changes with the times in order to offer the best vineyard supplies, with innovations that work the best with the increasing demands of current environments.

Finally, there is the issue of wildlife control. You will want to consider both netting and repellent solutions for wildlife control. Though netting may be more expensive, the benefits of netting over a chemical repellent may justify this investment, and may turn out to be more cost effective in the end.

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