Enjoying Some Spanish Wines

Did you know that Spain is the third largest producer of wine in the world, just behind France and Italy? There's a reason for its popularity, as Spanish wines are typically considered some of the best in the world. Just why is that; what is the secret to this country being able to produce such wonderful wines and in such quantities, especially considering just how tiny of a country it is in the first place?

The Climate of Spain

Wine lovers know that climate plays a large role in the success of grape growing, and if you can't grow good grapes, you can't produce a good wine no matter what you do to the juice. All the sugars and additives in the world won't compensate for a poor quality grape. And the climate of this region is no doubt a large factor in why wines from Spain are some of the best in the world. Because of its proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain's climate is typically warm and dry, which is perfect for growing grapes that are the foundation for excellent wines.

The History of Spanish Wines

Most people believe that winemaking originated with the Romans, and because of their conquests and open trade routes with so many areas of this region, it is believed that Spanish winemaking dates back to the time of the Romans, usually the first century B.C. Because of this, wines from Spain have a long history of being produced so of course the Spanish have had centuries to perfect their techniques. For some foreigners, they felt that the wines were aged for too long and that the alcoholic content overpowered the actual taste of the wines, but in recent years many Spanish vineyards have adjusted their production methods so as to become more competitive in the world market.

Most Popular of Spanish Wines

While it took some time for all wines from Spain to be recognized on the world market, there has for centuries been a demand for sherry, a popular type of wine that has always been a favorite of British merchants. The demand for sherry traveled all the way to what is referred to as the new world, or the North American continent, during the time of Columbus. Sherry is produced in the southern region of Spain, and is produced by a technique that mixes different vintages of wine. Newer wines are moved through barrels of aged wines in order to produce a deeper and richer flavor.

Today, wines from Spain are just as competitive and appreciated as wines from any other region, including Italy and France. They are often some of the highest ranking in world competitions and wine Olympics. So if you're looking for something new and exciting by way of wines, give Spanish wines a try!

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