Fun for All in Wine Country

For wine lovers who are planning to visit San Francisco, you should consider driving a short distance to Napa Valley to visit one or more of their many vineyards. Today, many vineyards understand the worries about drinking and driving, so they have started offering special packages.

Whether or not you have tasted wines or maybe you simply find a dislike for the beverage, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at some of the many great wines that are found in California's Sonoma Valley and Napa Regions. The wines that are displayed at the vineyards are usually the best, quality wines that the vineyards have to offer. Depending on whether or not you are a wine connoisseur or just a plain ordinary mortal, you will still gain an enormous amount of knowledge about the wine making process and the different styles that are available.

Several different companies offer tours to a variety of vineyards. If you're going out for wine tasting, be sure to take along someone who has not been drinking so you can get home safely. This could save your life or someone else's so it's very important to figure this out prior to your wine tasting trip. Please be responsible and be very careful on your excursions to the vineyards and your subsequent tastings along the way.

If bus tours are not your thing but you don't want to get behind the wheel after trying all of the fabulous wines that will be offered to you at the tasting, smaller SUV tours are also available.

Here are a few quick tips: On your trip, it's a good idea to avoid wearing scents such as perfume and cologne, as they can dominate the fragrance and taste of the wine. When you taste, a wine glass should be held by the stem, to avoid raising the temperature of the wine. And while you're wine tasting you want to eat something very bland before trying the next one so you will get the real flavor of the wine.

Even if you have had never had a glass of wine before, you will still be able to benefit from the knowledge of the different styles of wines and their regions and vineyards. These wine tours offer something for everyone. Even for the novice all the way to the connoisseur. You should know that people of all ages are invited to come on the tours, but only guests who are over the age of 21 are able to sample the wines available for tasting.

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